Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY Fire Pit

Photo post! So as you may know, I've been working on the fire pit on and off for quite some time now. Before that was the major garden overhaul. The main reason behind all the work on the fire pit (lately) was because I had an article to write for Houzz, and I needed a finished fire pit before I could submit it. It was published today, so I have officially decided that the rest of the summer will be for hanging out and having fun. Not that I don't consider house projects to be fulfilling and fun. I mean, that's why I do them. But I need to be camping and canoeing and just hanging out.

Last summer was a wash between being sick for so long and the other various sad and bad things that happened and as a result, I don't even remember it being summer last year. So I think it's time that I stop going going going on house stuff and just hang out for a bit. I'm banning myself from feeling like I NEEEEED to finish things for at least a week. I know, that's kind of short...maybe I'll try for 2 weeks. We're going to kick it off with a trip down the Wisconsin River for a few days. Photos to come. For now, here are a few fire pit shots from beginning to end. Check out the full story here. *PS: I am absolutely elated and in super high spirits after reading all the lovely feedback over at Houzz. Thank you SO much, Houzz readers! :) :) :)


Nine Red said...

Beautiful fire pit! I love it! Looks like you have lots of room around it too, smart thinking!

I am trying to convert my freestanding firepit into a propane firepit.... we'll see how it goes.

kate said...

Wow, that looks fantastic!

And yes, put down the Martha Stewart magazine and just enjoy your summer.

Pardon me while I step down off my soapbox and follow my own advice. Must. Stop. Digging.

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

OK- that looks brilliant! We have a fire pit at the new house that needs some re-vamping. You've inspired me. Also, you look fabulous in that previous post. :)