Tuesday, January 31, 2006

a few things

wow how time goes by quickly. its been a tad busy around here (although i should be doing more than i actually am) so ive been trying to break my internet addiction. i decided that i would have to cut blog time out for a bit along with some message boards. talk about lack of inspiration! no, not really though...the internet seems to suck my time away from me so i figured that i needed a break to focus more on what i had to get accomplished. i have a craft fair on the 11th, i'm nowhere near prepared for it.

OH YEAH, how could i forget, the other reason i havent been much of an updater lately is because we just recently got engaged on january 1, so i dove head first into planning. wow that takes up a lot of time! things are going okay with it so far, im finding that its more difficult than i thought to plan a DIY wedding. so much to think about, so little time- our date is set for september 24 of this year. we wanted it in the fall so thats why we picked the date, and its the first day of fall too, so thats pretty neat.

i turned 21 a few days ago, the bar was fun. i was so scared all day long that i was going to be hugging the toilet but im proud to say that i made it! somehow. i don't know how i managed 14 drinks (no joke. shots and cocktails.) and i didnt have a hangover in the a.m. we had a blast.