Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crafty Synergy Interview

The lovely Patricia of Crafty Synergy contacted me a little while back and asked if I'd be up for a Yellow Canoe interview...of course I would be!

If you've never heard of Crafty Synergy, you should really check it out. There are TONS of wonderful artist interviews, you're sure to come across somebody you've heard of before.

Patricia is also the girl behind A Little Hut, which is a really cute blog sampling her paper works (oh yes- she is a paper artist...instant coolness in my book) and adventures in life.

If you have a minute, have a look!

+++++++ Today we went for breakfast and then off to the farmer's market. I wish I had some photos, but the ones I took at breakfast turned out less than spectacular and the market was one of those places that you really can't just stop to take a photo. Next time I'll try a little bit harder. Today was our first time at the market (opening day for the outdoor one!) so we just wanted to take it all in. Today is Record Store Day, did you know that? So of course, we had to hit up one of the local record stores. We chose MadCity Music. Joe got a Rolling Stones LP and I got a Jim Croce LP. I was looking for some Neil Young, but I already have the ones they had. We had a lovely afternoon walk and swooned over the beautiful mid-century style houses in the neighborhood. (gosh, i wish i had photos to make this post more worthwhile!) Tonight we're going to Lucky's to see a band. Joe knows one of the guys in the band through work. We'll see how it goes! I'm sure it will be a good time.

That's all for now! More on Wednesday or Thursday.

Oh! One more thing- check out the bike I'm getting! More info on it soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Stuff

So there was this amazing chair sale at a local shop called "Atomic Interiors".

They have some really great pieces, and there is a chair sale going on through mid-May.

The chairs they are offering are mid-century style, and they are priced from $10-$100.

I saw some great ones that I would have loved to have, but since I have a very small car, I was pretty limited with my choices.

So I picked this one up for $10.

It definitely needs some love- I'm going to replace the canvas with something fun and sand/stain the arms.

I can't wait to get started!

But first I need a sewing machine. Damn.

Anyway, you can't really tell from the photo but this chair has a really unique shape.

I'm still trying to figure out the designer, but I've narrowed it down to a few different ones.

I'm almost positive is a Japanese design, though.

About a week ago I was talking to Lizzie of in a forum on Etsy.

The topic was about her beautiful apartment that was on apartment therapy.

I checked out her shop while we were going back and forth in the thread and found the cutest little clothespin dolls!

Now, there are a lot of things in life that I fall in love with when I see it. My wist list is proof.

But there are only certain things that pull the strings of my heart just right to the point where I NEED it.

Like these:

I named them Jens (yenz) and Ella.

Anyway, if you are in for something cute, check out her shop! I love her little dolls so much! They're so sweet and make me smile every time I see them.

Okay, well that's all for now. Tomorrow or Wednesday I'm going to post the flor tile combo I came up with (I'm pretty excited about it) and maybe a few other things.

Friday, April 11, 2008

a few things...

So my friend Jacy is the manager at the new Goodwill on State Street.

I went for the grand opening and the selection is wonderful! It's so nice to finally have a thrift store that offers *nice* clothes.

I had 16 things in hand when it was finally my turn for the fitting room.

I ended up with 2 of those things.

A pair of corduroys and a nice thick sweater.

So as I was checking out the assistant manager, Jodi, who I met a few days ago through Jacy exclaimed "did you see the penguin sweater?!"

I hadn't, so she brought me over to it.

Up high, displayed on the wall, I snatched that thing lightning quick with a small jump.

Through some research, I found out that it's originally from Anthropolgie and retailed for almost $100. I figured it was from Anthro the minute I saw it.

I paid $2 for it. $2! It was supposed to be $6.99 but it was on sale for the "$1.99 wool day" or something.

What a steal!

So of course I had to wear it today:
It got pretty windy and rainy this afternoon + I'm extremely good at spilling things on myself (and on the couch and floor) so I decided to change out of my outfit before the day was over.

Speaking of spilling things, I have been on and endless search for a rug for awhile now. And then it occurred to me that I've been wanting to purchase some flor tiles for years now, so why not check into it? Oh- and the spilling part fits in because if I spill something on it, it's easier to replace 1 tile than to be sad about an expensive, stained, ruined rug.

So I talked to Joe about it and showed him the ones I like (I will get back to you guys with my final selection reallllly soon.) and we're going to get about 27 tiles or so. I'm so excited!

Okay, onto the next thing...last night I was browsing online for some local not for credit classes I can take. I have wanted to take some classes for a damn long time now, and I finally have access to some pretty wonderful ones. So I was looking through this long list, and to my surprise there was a printmaking one being offered this summer. Yes! Joe could tell right away that I found something good and asked what I was looking at. I told him and he told me to sign up for it. So I said that I had to get $75 for it first and he told me just to use our checking account for it. I said "no" because I'd feel bad and he insisted. Okay, so I realize that to some people this may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to finances we keep almost everything separate. I have my money, he has his. We pay rent, car insurance, groceries, cable, and our cell phone through "our" account. The things we share. Most people I know just pool their money into one account and spend money freely on random things. Most people I know are also on the brink of an argument at all times because they don't agree with their partner's spending. And so we like to have things separate. It just makes the most sense to us, you know? So yeah, I was overjoyed that he was helping me pay for it. But anyway, I'm taking this class and it's 8 weeks long, starts in June...I am SUPER stoked about it. So then I started looking into more classes and I found so many that I want to take! Tons of paper/book arts type things, a broom making class (which I've wanted to take for awhile), wood working stuff, etc. I'm pretty happy. I can't wait to meet some new people and learn some new techniques. The really great thing about this printmaking class is that it's for beginners, but if the instructor added that if you are further ahead than a "beginner", she'll give you different projects geared towards your level. So we'll see how it goes.

Okay enough blabbing, I'm off to drink some Captain and orange juice to start my weekend off right! Normally I'd go for beer, but I've been working out all week so I don't want all that hard work to be completely wasted. Ha, I realize that a cocktail isn't all that healthy, but I've done really well with my food and drink this week so I need a small incentive. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

With a Little Bit of Paint

Today is windy and rainy, so the room photos I want to show you wont be happening for a little while yet because it's so dark in the apartment.

But I do still have something to share!

Last fall I bought this metal tray on clearance from Target.
It was marked down from about $20 to $3.98 or something.
I bought it with the intentions of painting it, since I'm wasn't a huge fan of the brass color.

So 3 weekends ago, I set off to the hardware store to look for yellow spray paint.

Since I live in an apartment, I don't really have a good place for spray painting. It makes things a hassle, but it is still doable.

I got a large box and lined the bathroom floor with newspaper.
First I primed it and then I put a few coats of yellow on, and here's what happened:

A great way to add some cheer to your home and welcome spring is with a little bit of paint.

In fact, I actually created a Flickr group for all things painted! Not like actual paintings, but things that have been given a new life with some paint.

I haven't spent much time on it so I haven't been able to invite anybody to the group, but please feel free to join!

Okay, that's all for now. Come back tomorrow to see what I picked up at the thrift store this week!

Monday, April 07, 2008

oh hi there!

Wow, that was a long break, wasn't it?

Well, I ended up getting a new computer after dealing with the douchebag who ripped me off. Ahem.

I was so excited about getting a lap top!

I did a bunch of research and read lots of reviews and decided on a certain one, and bought it a couple days later.

Well. Without bitching too much...I had to call HP already for "technical assistance". That was 2 nights ago. Then yesterday brought an entire new problem, this time with the BIOS. Greeeat!

So I'm trying to ignore the fact that I'm pretty much screwed and moving onto happier thoughts, until I can gather the patience to call HP again. The language barrier makes for a very frustrating phone call. (Still trying to find the good in this situation...something positive. read more about that in a couple of paragraphs.)


Madison is going really well, and already feels like "home". Which I thought happened rather quickly, but it's nice. It was in the 50's and 60's this weekend, it was like a heat wave! We drove around and looked at some neighborhoods for potential house hunting, which still wont be happening for another year, but it's fun to look.

I've been decorating the apartment on the cheap, I'll show you guys what I've done over the next couple of weeks (hopefully). Here's the wall above the couch for now. For more info on the items on the shelf, check out the flickr description.

What else.....Oh! I have a job now. Part time. I had to get something with the economy being the way it is...Etsy has been slow. I have been getting a bunch of consignment orders out and I'm currently working on a wholesale order for a well-known online shop, which is exciting. But back to the job- besides not liking it much, it's going okay. I'm a merchandiser or something. Isn't it terrible that I don't even know what the heck my title is? Anyway, I put up ads and coupon machines for clients at various stores around Madison. Lots of driving. And WAY too many boxes to haul up and down the stairs. BUT Joe and I are on a "positive reinforcement" kick, which is our latest approach to a happier life, so I've been trying to find something good about everything (which is what i was referring to when talking about the computer). The good thing about this job? Even though I have to make all these trips up and down the stairs, I'm getting a bunch of exercise while doing it. Right???

Speaking of exercise, I started working out today. We'll see how long it will last THIS time. I'm not going to tell Joe, but I'm just going to see if he notices in about 2 weeks. He better if he knows what's good for him! Ha. Totally kidding. Kind of.

Well that's all for now, I was just checking in to tell you all that I'm still alive!

Maybe there will be more posts this week, we'll see if my computer brings any more issues. If it behaves, I will try to be back on Wednesday.