Friday, September 19, 2008


Oh it's been forever, hasn't it? That always seems to happen.
I just need to start documenting more, but there are only so
many hours in a day and so many days in a week...

Our weekends have been filled with trips for about the past
4-5 months. We've literally left town 16 out of the last 18
It keeps things interesting, though. And definitely
makes the months
move by rather quickly.

This weekend we're off to a hotel to celebrate a friend's
Next weekend we're off to hang out with my
best friend and her husband.

They moved back "home" (where I'm from) a couple
days after we moved
to Madison. A bummer, yes, but we
get together about once a month
which is nice. The last
few times we've hung out with them, another one of
my old
friends was there with her boyfriend and will be there this

time as well...I can't wait!

I'm sure the weekends to follow will have something in store as well.

We're going to Minnesota to see this guy soon.
(saying that i'm excited about this would be an understatement)
We saw him last November and it was excellent.

So enough about what's going to be happening and onto what
has been happening.

{more sun is seeping into the living room as each day passes}

I started my new job a couple weeks ago and it's going really well.

When we moved here, I was so excited about being self
sufficient, only
relying on the money I made from Etsy sales
and consignment shops.

It was fun for awhile. But then it started to be a drag.
It became a
"must do" rather than a "want to do".
Now that I'm working at 2 jobs,
creating is becoming fun
again & it's something I look forward to
rather than dread.
It's more exciting when I make a sale now, knowing

that the money can be used for something I want rather
than something
I need. And if you know me, you know
that there is
a lot of stuff that I want.

So I guess that's all for now. I work at 1:30 today so I
have to
get a few things done before heading out.
Talk to you all soon,
sorry for such a boring post but
I am hoping that things get
back to normal and that
I post as much as I used to once my
schedule balances out.
I used to post every day before heading
out to work.
But then since I stopped having a consistent job,
stopped having a (semi) consistent blog.
We'll see what happens.