Wednesday, May 31, 2006

its been awhile...but here are some new things!

its been so long since i last posted! so many things going on around here! i will get to that in my next post, i dont have much time right now!
anyway, i added these 3 things to my shop! im kind of surprised that the bird journal hasnt sold yet, but thats okay- it's only been like 6 days!
coptic bound journal, featuring the birds you all seem to love!
96 pages of 80 lb drawing paper.
new bird tags! with rounded edges!!!
and i JUST posted these- tree cards printed with speedball ink.
this weekend i went to michigan and LOVED it there. i have a new place i want
to move to, haha.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


not as fun as my lantern cards, but it will do! i just posted them in my shop along with some stationery with a mushroom...and holy cow it sold fast! i think it sold about 10 minutes after i edited it! nice!
hmm...whats next in the world of cards? well i dont know. im kind of stuck on that one- there are so many things i want to do, ya know? hmmmmm. i guess you'll just have to wait and see!
sorry about the lack of journals, lately ive been in a card mood. i havent sold many journals lately on etsy. when i was selling them quicker i loved making them, because i knew other people must have liked them if they bought them! but now more people are buying cards so ive been focusing more on them. less time consuming too. whew, i needed a break from those journals for a minute (just a minute though, i promise!) because they take me about 3-5 hours each. too long for right now. but im sure i will get back to binding in about a week or so, i will start to miss it soon!
joe is going to be home in about....40 hours! im so excited- i cant wait!!! when he gets home i think we should go on a picnic and then to the greyhound track. that would be fun! please dont rain, sky!
anyway, ive been on this damn computer for about 3 hours now...tooooo long. thanks for stopping by! i LOVE to see new comments on here, thanks for everyone's kind words!

Monday, May 15, 2006

new cards!

new greeting cards in my shop!

my newest stamp- lanterns! i am SOO happy with the way these ones turned out!
im working on some more designs real soon too. i didnt make banana bread tonight like i said i was going to because i was too busy making these! tomorrow morning for sure though.


joe is out of town on a business trip for 6 whole days. im really sad about this, even though everybody says "6 days is nothing" i find myself very empty without him here. its such a strange feeling, being in the apartment alone. im not exactly bored since i never run out of things to do, but its just so lonely without him here. i dont like it. i still have 4 nights and 4 days to go without him. last night was the first night alone, i didnt sleep very well- i kept waking up. didnt help that it was storming, im not a sound sleeper in the least.
at any rate...
i just got home from the craft store. i bought some ink pads and silk flowers for my wedding bouquet. tonight im going to do some crafting, perhaps carve a new stamp, and make chocolate chip banana bread. joe doesnt like bananas so i bought a bunch a week ago just so i could have unripe ones when he was gone so i could make it. i could make it when he was here, but i figured that it would add some excitement to my week without him.
anne in sweden posted some lovely pictures of the newest journal she bought from me- check them out!
okay well im off to craft and wait for joe to call me. then its baking time. then sleep, i hope.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

hot hot hot

i just finsished some new greeting cards...
they are in my shop now too
and are fully customizable, be sure to check them out!
full description in the shop.
my wisdom teeth are hurting me a lot today. ugh so much pressure! i cant wait till i get them out...although it will be awhile till then. hmph.
my shop has been slow lately. i heard that all of etsy has been slow, but still- i wish it would pick up. it will soon, im sure.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


i love this haircut, although im not sure i could pull it off...ive been wanting to TRY short hair for awhile now. perhaps after the wedding? i mean, everyone says i look like my mom. my mom has short hair. my mom looks good with short you feel a pattern? hmmmmmm. i dont know though.

help me find one!

hello all!
does anybody know where i can buy a chartpak colorless blender pen?
i've searched google and also froogle, but froogle didnt have a single result!
any info would be great. i looked at dick blick and a few drafting places but they dont have them either!

Friday, May 05, 2006


alrighty, i have to say that this is one of my favorites so far...i loved trees for one and i love the way it all came together.
96 pages of 80 lb drawing paper.
for sale in my shop

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

dots dots dots

my newest creation...

the first image is a scan of the journal because the pictures came out baaadly.

blue dots painted with acrylic paint... colors mixed by me.

only 48 pages, this journal is intended for lists.

for sale in el shopperino

on another note- first blogger was underlining everything i typed. now its double spacing everytime i press "enter"


its retarded. another retarded thing is that i cant use gmail at my parents house because the enter button doesnt work...i mean it doesnt go to the next line like it should and its a real pain in the ass. but whatever, i like my computer better anyway.

my journals are famous!

so check this out, anne added her new goodies that she bought from me to her photo blog- you should go see them! its so cool to see my stuff pictured on somebody elses place!
in other "news" im making a pot roast for dinner tonight, if it even thaws. it better because i just cut up all the veggies for it and have everything ready to go. reason #231 why i really dont like cooking.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


my shop is going well! im so excited about it all...although im a bit depressed that they had to disable the "views" counter. bah.
more robot journals to come!
i just sold "sweet little bird" to anne in sweden!!! this is her 3rd journal from me! can you believe it? i barely can! three of them! she also bought the green journal with the birds on cattails and the "create" journal.

mister roboto

okay so i monster this time, but a robot instead!
96 pages
80 lb. drawing paper
coptic bound with
olive drab colored
waxed linen thread...
and he's holding scissors!

side view
he needs a new home.

and thats why im selling him and all of his pages in my etsy shop.