Thursday, May 24, 2007

new stuff

today i started a new series of moleskines:

i've had all this great paper laying around forever now, and i finally brought myself to cut some of it. i still need to glue everything down, but i figured i'd share them now anyway. the shop will be updated tonight (about dame time...i've been taking a really long break from it.) so all of these will be available.
today is pretty hot outside, but that's okay because i love summer more than least for now. heh.
it appears to be nice and breezy so i might go lay outside with my ipod and enjoy the weather. not an easy thing to do when you live in an apartment, as i'm sure some of you may know. i can't wait to move into a house! i just want a garden with tons of vegetables and another garden with flowers and plants...and a place to have bonfires. aaaaand a clothes line like this one. oh! and our own washer and dryer because it really blows having to share one washer and one dryer with 11 other tenants, especially when it's 4 floors down and broken quite often. can you tell that i'm sick of apartment living? the first year was okay, i didn't really mind it. it was just nice to be on my own (with joe). the next year was alright because we were busy planning the wedding so it wasn't something i really noticed. but now, year 3, is really getting on my nerves. oooh well. one day.
okay, well like i mentioned before, it looks beautiful outside so i'm off to see if the horses are out. they haven't been out for awhile :(

i want a horse.

ha, joe says i want everything. that's almost true...

west elm just sent me an email saying that their bedding has free shipping right now :) mmm. it's a good thing i'm not floored by this seasons designs. whew, otherwise i'd want that too. i better go check it out just in case.

Monday, May 21, 2007


this weekend we went camping with a friend of ours.
it was really nice, but the ticks were terrible! i've never seen a tick before, which is odd because i've been camping quite a few times. and then when i learned that ticks are actually arachnids, i disliked them even more. ugh.

so what's new with you guys? nothing much all. things are a lot different when i'm not making new items for my shop. i kind of like it, actually. i'm really not sure when i will ever get around to screen printing, right now i'm trying to focus on other things. i'm saving my money for our anniversary trip- joe has no idea where we're going, but i've been looking into this place for almost a year now. i can't wait!

i finally started a few drawings to be turned into prints, so that's a start. i also decided what the first print will be's a secret, though! you'll find out eventually. hopefully soon. okay, hopefully soon-ish. we'll go with soon-ish because that gives me until mid summer.

there's never much to talk about when i'm not making new things, so that's all for now.

have a good one!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

it's been awhile, hasn't it?


i haven't blogged a whole lot lately. i just finished transferring my typepad posts over to blogger. i had to do that before i made any new posts, so now that it's done i can blog again.

last week i went up north to visit my grandpa. i had intentions on taking photos, but i didn't. i only took a couple at the rest stop.

not much to talk about. funny how that works when you haven't been making anything. i still haven't been able to order my emulsion, so no prints yet.

around the apartment

(originally blogged on typepad, 04-30-2007)

whenever joe goes out of town, i always have these strange urges to photograph our apartment.
not that taking photos of your living quarters is odd, but the urges that i have to do so are odd.
anyway, these are photos from our bedroom.

nothing too exciting, but soon we'll be adding a couple prints above the nightstands, so i'm pretty excited about that. these are the prints. i want both of them, one for my side (not shown in the bedroom photo) and one for his side.

i can't wait to order them!

my side is on the left, if you're looking at the bed.
i sleep with my head near the foot of the bed.
but when i make the bed, like i did today, i put my pillow by the window.
i would say that joe's side of the bed is on the right, but we actually don't sleep together all that often.
don't worry though, nothing is wrong...everyone i tell automatically assumes that there is something terribly wrong with our relationship, but that's not the case at all.
we just sleep better separately. (we meaning i.)
we do still make an attempt to sleep in the same bedroom once in awhile, but one of us always ends up in a different room by morning.
one of our friends is even jealous about our sleeping habits.
i'm jealous of their sleeping habits...i wish i could sleep well in the same room as joe!


on the wall there is a shelf with one of the projects i made in my design class.
(oh, how i miss design school. *sigh*)
anyway, we had to come up with a design to be repeated in a series of 4 to 16 boxes or something like that.
this is the pattern i came up with.
each colored piece was cut out of coloraid paper with an xacto knife and then glued to bristol and then onto an illustration board.
i wish i would have used acid free glue, but i didn't.
it's coming up in some spots, but that's okay.

today was nice outside.
i met up with my friend amy at a bar and had a couple of beers and some food.
now i'm at home wondering what i should do next...
maybe package a couple of orders?
i don't know, we'll see...

vinyl plays on rainy days

(originally blogged on typepad- 04-25-2007)

today i'm listening to records. i haven't listened to them in so long, i forgot about all the good ones that i have. it's raining out so i thought that it would be a good day to play some vinyl- it really sets the mood on a day like this, you know?


no prints yet because i don't have all of my supplies. the UPS person should come today, but i'm still waiting on one order after this one. and i still haven't decided on the first print. why is this so difficult? hmph.

speaking of printing, i think i'm going to start using my real name when i sign the prints. i've gone by erin scissorhands for almost 4 years now. my real name is erin lang norris. it used to be erin lang, but then i got married and couldn't win the never ending "i want to keep my name and only my name" argument, even though i tried for many months. so, now i am erin lang norris and yeah- i get chuck norris jokes daily. and yes- it is highly annoying but i try to take it with a grain of salt. i really miss just being erin lang. i've always liked my name a lot, almost in love with it actually. i just liked the way it sounded. and the way it looked when it was written out. but now it's just another name to me. i'm going to leave it at that before i go into a very long rant about name change and why women should not have to change their name.

ANYWAY, short post today because i'm going to my parents house now to use my new (handmade) laundry soap.

organizing my workspace

(originally blogged on typepad, april 22, 2007)

hello again.

i finally (and i do stress, FINALLY!) organized my desk.

these drawers from ikea helped immensely!

before i was shoving things in boxes--not a good way to organize.
today is a beautiful day outside.

joe and i got up early and made our usual weekend breakfast- 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of toast, and 3 pieces of bacon each. i'm always in charge of the bacon and toast. he fries the eggs because it's such a nerve wracking task for me...pathetic, i know.

then we went out and played tennis. this is something we've been looking forward to for many months!

now joe is at his parents and i'm about to get ready to go to work.

but before i head out, i want to share this with you guys:

these beautiful cards are all hand carved and printed by kristin from
moontea artwork.

i bought them for a great price while browsing her etsy shop. if you have a minute, you should check it out. visit her lovely blog to find the shop link!


in other news, my first print will not be released on the 27th as i had hoped. but i am still hoping to get one out by the end of april! (update: so it's now may...nothing, yet)

i am having such a hard time deciding WHAT my first print will be of. i have so many ideas, but i'm just really indecisive. do i want something really simple? one color or two? what color should it even be? perhaps it will be a limited edition? i don't know! making my head spin.

anyway, as i said before, it's almost time for work. so i'll be on my way now.

thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


i'm moving back blogger.

please bear with me until i unpack.