Tuesday, May 15, 2007

vinyl plays on rainy days

(originally blogged on typepad- 04-25-2007)

today i'm listening to records. i haven't listened to them in so long, i forgot about all the good ones that i have. it's raining out so i thought that it would be a good day to play some vinyl- it really sets the mood on a day like this, you know?


no prints yet because i don't have all of my supplies. the UPS person should come today, but i'm still waiting on one order after this one. and i still haven't decided on the first print. why is this so difficult? hmph.

speaking of printing, i think i'm going to start using my real name when i sign the prints. i've gone by erin scissorhands for almost 4 years now. my real name is erin lang norris. it used to be erin lang, but then i got married and couldn't win the never ending "i want to keep my name and only my name" argument, even though i tried for many months. so, now i am erin lang norris and yeah- i get chuck norris jokes daily. and yes- it is highly annoying but i try to take it with a grain of salt. i really miss just being erin lang. i've always liked my name a lot, almost in love with it actually. i just liked the way it sounded. and the way it looked when it was written out. but now it's just another name to me. i'm going to leave it at that before i go into a very long rant about name change and why women should not have to change their name.

ANYWAY, short post today because i'm going to my parents house now to use my new (handmade) laundry soap.

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