Friday, March 30, 2007

breakfast+newest creation

here's the newest-
on bristol
available soon.
today i ate crusty toast with jam
and freshly ground coffee.

i really like this bedspread, even though it's back ordered right now.
it would make a good addition to our living room.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

i love the spring toast catalogue

have you guys seen the spring toast catalogue?
the photography (and clothing) is amazing.
you can go to their website and order a catalogue for free.
sipping hot chocolate out of my decole mushroom cup.
reading my toast catalogue.
thinking that i really need some new sheets for spring.
wondering when i will find the perfect sheets.
then thinking, they're just sheets.

the newest addition
5"x6" on bristol
"emperor dragonfly"

today while i was waiting for the UPS person to come, i cleaned out a closet.
i found some really great graph paper in joe's college notes box.
i'm going to use some for my next piece!
so the shoes that i got, you know- THE shoes that i have been swooning for quite some time- well, they came today. i knew they were coming today because i missed the UPS truck the past two days. so anyway, i got them, and i'm returning them.
they are 2 different shades, one shoe is like a burnt orange and one is like a burnt cranberry hue. very noticeable, indeed.
AND they are a little snug.
AND they make my feet look long and skinny and i've never worn shoes that do that to my feet! and so i am returning them.
good thing they pay for the return shipping :)
i'll leave you with some of my current obsessions:
these 2 prints, at a great price, might i add.
this fabric would make good kitchen blinds...if i had a window in my kitchen.
this quilt in paprika.
this floor lamp (i'd love to find a great arc lamp for the living room, though.)
and this bag.
okay, that's all for now.
take care everybody!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


what's new?

not a whole lot here. just this...
6"x6", on bristol.
bug cutout from an old encyclopedia.
mushrooms drawn in india ink and prisma colors.
raindrops cut from paper.
today is my dad's birthday, we're going out to eat tonight. i think i'm just going to do an appetizer or something small...i hate ordering big meals at restaurants because i can never finish them in one sitting.

nothing too fun to talk about right now. i'm in a creative mood, with nothing to make. i want something for myself, for the house...but everything i want to do involves a material that i don't have at the moment. maybe tomorrow.

for now i'm off to look through some paper scraps.

Monday, March 26, 2007

today it was beautiful out.

today we went to the river.

we set up our grill on a red bench and sat beside it as our dinner cooked.

while we were there, i saw the first sign of spring.

Friday, March 23, 2007

quick post

the latest...
just wanted to say that the sale is going great! thanks everybody!

it's friday already? wow. i can't keep my days sorted anymore.

no big plans for the weekend here, how about you?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

note to self: blog a little bit more

where does the time go? not towards blogging, that's for sure!

i haven't been working on journals lately, i think i'm almost finished with least for a little while.

i've been working on other things lately, like this:
which is available in my shop. more things like this to come- i have 3 other ones that i'm working on right now that might be finished tonight. this one is 6"x12", on bristol. i finally went out and bought more bristol after thinking about it for weeks. it was just one of those things that kept falling to the bottom of the to do list, you know?
some of you have just started visiting my blog, so you may be wondering what i will do since i am taking a break from binding. well, i have been talking about screen printing for quite some time now, and it's finally going to happen. i'm really excited about this new direction. i will be moving over to typepad soon as well! this is all perfect timing, because...

operation paper cut turns 1 on march 25th!

to celebrate this day and the new things to come, i am having an "out with the old and in with the new!" sale.

15% off everything in shop from now until march 31. in order to get the discount, you must enter "BDAY" in the message to seller box. then you just wait for an updated invoice from me.

i need to get rid of some of my stock to make room for all my new supplies that should be arriving sporadically over the next couple of weeks.
speaking of new things, i am ordering this book. have any of you read it yet? what do you think? i have heard only good things about it so far, and i can't wait until it comes in the mail!

i'm also trying to decide between these or these.
i like the first pair for autumn and the second pair for spring and summer, so maybe i should order the orange ones first? hmmm.
i have also been looking at this sleek ipod docking station. what do you think?

okay, that's all for now. off to work on a few things! have a good day!

Friday, March 16, 2007

some green for you

happy st. patrick's day weekend!

my name is erin, but i don't have an ounce of irish in me. and my brother's name is kevin, but no irish there either.

that doesn't mean that i won't be drinking any green beer this weekend, though! last year i was 21 but i had to work, so this year i am going to make up for missing out on my first legal year.

what are your plans for the weekend? we're getting our taxes done tomorrow, which is something that i am not looking forward to at all. but we'll see what happens.

okay, time to do some errands. have a great day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

not much time for words...

how is everyone doing?
pretty good, here.
i'm shipping these 2 journals out today, it was a pleasant surprise to see that they both sold on the same day, to the same person.

a couple of quick flickr favorites:

this one makes me really happy.
and this one is just plain charming.

okay, off to work i go. have a great one, everybody.

Friday, March 09, 2007


i'm home! that was a really short trip that i took to madison--i was there for less than 12 hours! that's alright, though. originally i was going to stay all day yesterday but i didn't sleep at all the night before so i just wanted to come home and go to bed. and so i did.
look at this really cool new etsy feature! a mini shop for blogs! i swear, etsy gets cooler by the day.

today is supposed to be 50ยบ outside, i am excited about that. i might go to the thrift shop after work. i need some frames for my prints. does anybody know of any online places where i can just order plain wooden frames, such as pine or something similar? that way i can paint them or leave them the way they are.
okay time to get ready for work. i picked up a shift today so i can start buying things on my wists. do you have a wist? i love looking at other people's wish lists so send me the link to yours if you do!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

one quick thing...

i haven't had my last post up that long yet, but i am adding this one because i wanted to let you all know: mahar drygoods is having a birthday sale till the end of march. 10% off if you enter promo code "BDAY" (they take paypal and credit cards!) these are what i purchased, because i have had my eye on them for so long.

cardboard suitcases!
i got the largest green one they had available and the middle sized blue one. i can't wait to get them! my apartment wants some color and these are perfect!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

sneak peak

so here is a peak at what's happening with my new inspiration journal. nothing too exciting quite yet. i'm going to work on it more after this's quite relaxing.everything is going into that scissors journal that is in the middle of the photo above. it was for sale in my shop FOREVER and i then it dawned on me- this was THE journal for me. so i took it out of my shop and now it's mine. i really love the purple paper on the covers and i can't find any more of it, so i better keep it because i like it so much (even though i'm not too fond of purple, i really do like it in this particular setting.) AND the scissors are perfect for my alias, erin scissorhands. plus, i figured that it was good since everything inside will be clippings from magazines and other sources...maybe you CAN judge a book by it's cover!
tomorrow i might be going to madison for the day. joe is up there on business. (like i need an excuse to go there, it's my favorite place (as a lot of you know) and it will give me a chance to be away from the internet (bad habit) and finally finish a letter to my penpal that i've been working on forever now. so i am planning on leaving right after i get off work.
right now i am listening to wdrv...the only radio station that i enjoy...but they are doing the "10 at 10" and it's from the year 1985....UGH. the only cool thing that came out of 1985 was me. haha, kidding. there were a few other things, i'm sure. but i don't really know since i don't remember.
last night i went to my parent's house. i love going "home". it will always be home to me, i lived there my entire life (except for the first year) and it's so cozy to me. i don't feel "at home" in our apartment. i mean, part of me does. but part of me doesn't. maybe because it's not a house? and because there isnt a family that lives in it? i've been thinking about kids vs. no kids a lot lately. i really think that having kids would make me feel like my house was a home. does that make sense? i mean, one day joe and i will move into a house and i know it will probably feel so empty if we are alone...and an empty house is not very home-like. that's probably where they got the term "empty nest", after all your kids move out you feel so different i'm sure. aaah i don't know, i'm rambling. OH, and mom- don't get too excited. no babies here for a really long time! (sorry!)
okay so i am going to go work on this journal for a bit and then it's off to bed for me.
have a great day everybody! see you soon :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

flickr toys and more

i love flickr toys...i especially like the mosaic maker, i think that images look so neat when grouped together-clockwise, from top left-
"ideas" recycled booklet. sold.
"heart and tree" recycled booklet. sold.
"raindrop" moleskine- available!
"robot" recycled booklet. available!
haven't been up to a whole lot.
tonight i am FINALLY starting an inspiration journal. i'm excited about this, and even though it's been on my mind for a really long time, i am just now starting it. mainly because before i was kind of nervous, only because i didn't want to mess it up or anything. but then i realized that it doesn't have to be done any certain way and i really like that idea of it being somewhat spontaneous and sporadic, rather and organized and thought out. maybe i will post some photos tomorrow?
have you guys seen this dining room and this kitchen? i saw them on design*sponge and thought you might enjoy them as much as i do.

and then there is this kitchen/dining room (bottom middle) which i absolutely LOVE. the green on the wall is perfect, the tree is amazing and that kitchen table is just perfect. found on decor8. the tree decal is from a company called apple pie design. check it out, it's wonderful!
well i am going to go work on my new inspiration journal. have a good one, if you come back tomorrow i might have some photos of this new project :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

happy march!

so it's march 1st and i don't have my screen printing stuff was one of my new year's resolutions too! dang. but i am shooting for april 1st.

today i had my second round of fillings at the dentist. last time i was catching vibes that he thought i was nuts. this time things went a lot better...he didn't keep asking me if i was okay, so i suppose that's good!

i made this today...sorry for the terrible photo, the weather is really gloomy and i need to head out to the post office before it closes so i haven't edited it yet. those little circles on the plant are actually colored blue, although they appear to be white on my monitor. i really needed to make ANOTHER plant journal. this was originally going to have an eames chair drawing. i had every intention of making it that way too, until it came time to drawing. i just didn't feel like drawing a "real" thing. does that make sense?

okay, well i've gotta run. time to get some packages out before it starts to sleet again!
(oh, and shona...i am so jealous of your tennessee weather!)