Friday, March 09, 2007


i'm home! that was a really short trip that i took to madison--i was there for less than 12 hours! that's alright, though. originally i was going to stay all day yesterday but i didn't sleep at all the night before so i just wanted to come home and go to bed. and so i did.
look at this really cool new etsy feature! a mini shop for blogs! i swear, etsy gets cooler by the day.

today is supposed to be 50ยบ outside, i am excited about that. i might go to the thrift shop after work. i need some frames for my prints. does anybody know of any online places where i can just order plain wooden frames, such as pine or something similar? that way i can paint them or leave them the way they are.
okay time to get ready for work. i picked up a shift today so i can start buying things on my wists. do you have a wist? i love looking at other people's wish lists so send me the link to yours if you do!


Shona said...

I have not had time to explore lately so thanks for the cool Etsy feature thingy, I've added one to my sidebar to replace the text link.

nicole said...

Wicked cool feature, eh? (I need to get some stuff into my Etsy shop)
Hey! Did you by chance get my second email? Or do I need to go pounce on yahoo? Have a good Friday!

amandajean said...

love your journals!

louise said...

That is indeed a cool feature.

maditi said...

very cool etsy feature - thank´s for introducing!!

Anna Marie said...

hey! Thanks for the comment :)

That's a pretty handy of these days I'm going to have to set up an account there. And Madison? Does that mean you live in Wisconsin too!?

shelby said...

What a cool feature. I have to see if I can figure that one out. Don't know what size frames you need, but seems like Ikea had something like that.

cruststation said...

Beautiful handmade books, wonderful stuff.