Thursday, March 01, 2007

happy march!

so it's march 1st and i don't have my screen printing stuff was one of my new year's resolutions too! dang. but i am shooting for april 1st.

today i had my second round of fillings at the dentist. last time i was catching vibes that he thought i was nuts. this time things went a lot better...he didn't keep asking me if i was okay, so i suppose that's good!

i made this today...sorry for the terrible photo, the weather is really gloomy and i need to head out to the post office before it closes so i haven't edited it yet. those little circles on the plant are actually colored blue, although they appear to be white on my monitor. i really needed to make ANOTHER plant journal. this was originally going to have an eames chair drawing. i had every intention of making it that way too, until it came time to drawing. i just didn't feel like drawing a "real" thing. does that make sense?

okay, well i've gotta run. time to get some packages out before it starts to sleet again!
(oh, and shona...i am so jealous of your tennessee weather!)


Shona said...

It's pretty today, but we were under Tornado a watch yesterday. They hit in GA instead, those poor, poor people.
I love the plant drawings- The Eames can wait (I don't think the will mind)

nicole said...

Hi, I'm Nicky.
This journal is gorgeous. Nice work.

Kristin Loganbill said...

you know, I haven't visited in a while, so I might have missed what happened to your hair. and no, I have nothing better to do than think about your hair!

nicole said...

You are very sweet. Thank you for the extra nice comment. So sorry you had to visit the dentist (yik), but at least it's all over with.

shelby said...

all your new creations looks wonderful! I have been out of the loop lately. Way to keep up the good work, and I am sure that you will have that screen printing going in no time!