Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gear Closet: Before and After

A sunshiney Wednesday and I've got the entire day to enjoy. Right now I'm working on moving my studio to a bigger, brighter space in the house but since that trudge isn't even close to being finished, I'll just show you guys what I worked on the other day. My gear closet, before & after.

Before, our sleeping bags were annoyingly slung through wooden hangers so they wouldn't touch the floor and as you can see, everything else was kind of just thrown to the closet stomach last fall. I found myself at the end of my frustration tolerance and bought a few baskets while I was perusing the aisles at Target last week. Of *course* the only baskets I liked were the most expensive ones they had, at $10 each, and while I wanted to buy 4 big ones I just couldn't justify spending $40 on them all at once so I told myself I'd go back for a couple more when the next paycheck came. Well, apparently the rest of Madison gets paid before I do, so when I went back yesterday they were all out. I knew that would happen.

I bought some U shaped hangers at the hardware store so I could hang the paddles and I was pretty excited to find them. I thought I would have to stop at the music store for some guitar hangers but these orange ones look way cooler and were way cheaper. Score! I organized the baskets by the 3 main components of camping: cooking, sleeping, and hanging out.

I ripped the metal hanging-rod out [which I had to cut out with a hacksaw] and then shortened it to 2 smaller pieces. One to go across the top of the closet to the right so we could hang out PFDs/lifejackets up and out of the way, and another which I rigged up high on the other side so we could hang our sleeping bags without them brushing across the floor.
I also had to rip the long shelf out that previously held the board games and GEEZUS did the previous homeowners like to use LONG nails and screws, and lots of them. I seriously effed the wall up and was going to patch it but ended up forgoing the idea when I realized how long it would take to dry. So I just threw on a quick coat of paint and made all my measurements and cuts while it was drying. 

So yeah. I'm pretty amped about the fact that I started and finished a project in the SAME DAY. That's a pretty big deal for me....I mean, just finishing a project is a big deal for me so this was huge. Super excited to have an organized camping gear closet. And now, it's onto the next: my big studio move. Hopefully all the batteries are finished charging for the saw. I've got a lot of cutting to go. Off I go, hope you are all doing well.