Sunday, April 22, 2007

hey, guess what?
i have something to show you.
don't get TOO excited, though! nothing spectacular...yet. :)
(it's my new home over at typepad!)

Monday, April 16, 2007


hello there!
what's new? not much here. i do have a few new things to show you, though...

a necklace, from the 1ofmykind shop.a new tea cozy that i made for myself:

a new bag from ikea. i think it was $4.95.

:: :: ::

lately i've been clipping magazine pages like crazy. i think i've gotten rid of about 15 catalogs and magazines so far, after gutting them of course.
i'm binding myself a giant inspiration journal right now.
originally i was going to use this scissors journal, but it just isn't as big as i'd like. so now i'm using that journal for my screen printing inspiration sketch book.

speaking of screen printing, i've started my new blog over on typepad, but it's being really weird for me. the images and words are floating around, not lining up at all. they were at first, and then they went a little wonky somehow. i tried editing the html but that didn't seem to help anything.
***update! i got it to work! somehow the text wrapping option was turned on. whew!***

okay, off to draw ideas.
take care!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

for breakfast-
ham, cheese and strawberries.
reminded me of the breakfasts we had while on our honeymoon in aruba.
in my mailbox a couple days ago-
a sweet tag that i purchased from bugheart's shop.
she has the best packaging.

from crate and barrel-
2 dishtowels.
i am crazy for the print on this first towel.
i think i will buy more, wouldn't it make a great set of outdoor pillows?
or a nice bag, too?

i got my lotta jansdotter book the other day- amazing in so many ways.
i can't wait to start sewing some bags and curtains!
this pitcher
this fabric
these flats
not a whole lot happening lately.
but there will be next week!
make sure to visit sometime around the 19th,
new things to come.
i. can't. wait.

okay, for now i have to package some orders and then get ready for work.
have a great day!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


i finally hung the prints that i've been collecting!
i don't have frames so i just used binder clips and tacks.
see my flickr for more details!

joe has tomorrow off, which is exciting because he rarely gets weekdays off.
i really want to go to ikea for this, this and this.
i've never been to ikea, and while i wouldn't ever buy furniture from there, their accessories are nice to look at :)
shoot. actually, maybe i should stay away from there because i just found more things that i want. bad bad bad.

what a pain in the ass

i just spent about an hour typing a post with tons of photos.
and blogger ate it.
just add it to the list of annoyances, i suppose.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

yellow yellow, oh so mello.

tonight i decided that i should make some new greeting cards, since it's been awhile.
i was also invited to join a swap.
it sounds like fun!
if you want to join, you have to hurry...i think the deadline is april 6.

do any of you watch "deadliest catch" on the discovery channel? i don't really like watching much tv, but the discovery channel usually has good shows.

Monday, April 02, 2007

no title today.

so i decided to "touch up" a journal that i thought was finished.
and then it turned into this:
which i'm not too fond of.
it's a custom order, too. so, yeah...
i'm shipping it out today.
ugh i don't want to look at it any longer!
i keep double guessing myself.
she told me that she wanted:
an anatomical heart block print.
the colors black, red and pink.
shiny or sparkly. well, the paint is metallic so that's the shiny part.
and girly, yet adult...don't know how i did in that category.
yesterday i bought some great things from some stores, i will post photos later on today.
how was your weekend?