Tuesday, April 10, 2007

for breakfast-
ham, cheese and strawberries.
reminded me of the breakfasts we had while on our honeymoon in aruba.
in my mailbox a couple days ago-
a sweet tag that i purchased from bugheart's shop.
she has the best packaging.

from crate and barrel-
2 dishtowels.
i am crazy for the print on this first towel.
i think i will buy more, wouldn't it make a great set of outdoor pillows?
or a nice bag, too?

i got my lotta jansdotter book the other day- amazing in so many ways.
i can't wait to start sewing some bags and curtains!
this pitcher
this fabric
these flats
not a whole lot happening lately.
but there will be next week!
make sure to visit sometime around the 19th,
new things to come.
i. can't. wait.

okay, for now i have to package some orders and then get ready for work.
have a great day!


bugheart said...

you are too
in aruba!

marta said...

such lovely bright hues in your post today. puts a spring in my step. plus i am already in anticipation for the 'new things' to come. keep up the inspiring work.

louise said...

Ooh I love that fabric too.

LauraB said...

I'm liking your blog a lot, I'm going to check out your store when I have more time today too. You're giving me all sorts of new ideas!

tash at poppyseeds said...

oh my dear i love the pears on that t towel too!!!! how is it that pears look so vintage and so 50's - i feel like i want to get into printing pears and have for a while! here are some nice prints of pears too that i found - http://www.velocityartanddesign.com/heatheramunydey_prints.html

Danielle said...

I just bought that very dish towel. It's hanging on the back of a chair and every time I pass it I think of other things I'd like to make with it.And!the blue fabric in the picture below. I have pillowcases in that very fabric.For some reason,it makes my day. I'm glad I found your blog today.