Monday, April 02, 2007

no title today.

so i decided to "touch up" a journal that i thought was finished.
and then it turned into this:
which i'm not too fond of.
it's a custom order, too. so, yeah...
i'm shipping it out today.
ugh i don't want to look at it any longer!
i keep double guessing myself.
she told me that she wanted:
an anatomical heart block print.
the colors black, red and pink.
shiny or sparkly. well, the paint is metallic so that's the shiny part.
and girly, yet adult...don't know how i did in that category.
yesterday i bought some great things from some stores, i will post photos later on today.
how was your weekend?


Shona said...

I like that- a girly anatomical heart + as for the second guessing, well, that's not something I like.

ambika said...

I like the vein that at first glass looks like a branch. Very cool.

bugheart said...

i think
you don't give
enough credit...
it turned