Tuesday, April 03, 2007

yellow yellow, oh so mello.

tonight i decided that i should make some new greeting cards, since it's been awhile.
i was also invited to join a swap.
it sounds like fun!
if you want to join, you have to hurry...i think the deadline is april 6.

do any of you watch "deadliest catch" on the discovery channel? i don't really like watching much tv, but the discovery channel usually has good shows.


kat said...

Love the print.
How do you make them? Do you use a gocco? Or is it a lino print?
Just curious :)

missellz said...

haha. my lil brother likes to watch Ultimate Fighting Champ and I like to watch CSI and other girlie shows. Where we meet halfway is watching Discovery channel, especially deadliest catch.

love the new card. I can barely keep still and create new stuff for my shop.

bugheart said...

love the new card!
who isn't crazy
about yellow?!

ambika said...

Love the new card.

I love the Discovery channel, especially the HD version. The Planet Earth series is just breathtaking. But I also like things like 'Dirty Jobs' on the regular channel.

nicole said...

I wanna do a swap...
Oh and I think we should
snail mail, Erin.

nicole said...

Yeah! Now I'm in on it, too ;)