Ideabooks I've Written for Houzz

I'm going to keep a running list of the ideabooks I have written for Houzz here for quick reference. Also, I'm looking for another writing gig, so if you are looking for a new contributor for your blog or website, feel free to look at my "About Me" page or send me an e-mail.

Ideas for the Exterior of Your House:

Design With Weather: Introduce a Rain Chain
Out in the Yard: 10 Private Retreats
Insects for Your Interiors
Your Spring and Summer Party Checklist
Design Details: Address the Address  

Ideas for the Interior of Your House:

12 Ways to Use a Good Old Armoire
Houzz Tour: Living in Color
Life in a Glass House
Gorgeous Blues and Striking Yellows
12 Fun Late Winter Projects
New Ways to Carve Out Some Solitude
Geek Chic: When Left and Right Brains Live in Harmony
Get Your House Guests Talking 

june 3: summer camp style june 9: 15 ways to be more inspired by your studio june 15: your perfect bedroom: calm and airy or moody and dark? june 22: beat the heat: escape to the basement june 29: out in the yard: creating an art inspired garden 

May 3: Red Jet Whistle May 14: 12 Inspiring Garden Gates May 18: OBN houzz tour May 20: Picket Fences May 30: Dreaming of: A House in the Woods Thanks so much! Erin