Friday, June 30, 2006

not all that exciting

hey there-
so a few of you posted on my last entry about how youre "so excited to see the new stuff" i feel bad because i dont think it will be all THAT great! i mean, im excited and everything, but what im going to be posting is nothing amazing, so dont get TOO excited! yikes.
i have a few orders to send out today, so i should go do that. its hot in the apt. well not hot- just realllllly muggy and humid and nasty. yuck. i think im going to drop the orders off at the post office rather than walk today because im in a shitty mood. well not entirely shitty, but i hate having to work on the weekends, thats the worst part about being a food server. uugh. after the wedding i want so say so long to this job...but its not like there is anything that im qualified for otherwise. uugh. can somebody remind me what the actual point of life is? heh.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

pretty sooonnnn!

sooo, next week im going to have a sale on my blog on something new im trying if all goes well. im not going to list them on etsy, they will stay on here till they are all sold, (unless you guys dont like them, haha!) and i will be accepting paypal. im going to sell on a first come first serve basis (not that there's a line of you, i have like...5 regular visitors maybe!) but if you are the first to inquire about a certain one, you get it. okay, yeah so im going to keep my fingers crossed that i can do this next week.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

not much to say today

theres free shipping today only (tuesday) on all items in my shop. AND if you are a blog friend, you get 10% off, just tell me that you saw this on the blog! free shipping is today only along with the 10% off. im trying to move some stuff, the shop looks a little messy to me right now...just like my apartment!
i dont have a whole lot to say (well, i do, but i have to go to work in a bit) but i am going to be posting a longer post either later today or tomorrow, i have a lot of good stuff to show you!
has anybody ever tried this perfume? how is it? im worried i will smell like pledge but the bottle and box are so sweet- they have leaves on them, im a sucker for all things trees and leaves.
okay, i will talk to you all later! have a good day!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

blend creations

have you guys ever checked out blend creations? you really should, its an awesome site with lots of great paper goods and jewelry. im really picky when it comes to both, but especially jewelry- i dont like most of it, its just not me. but when i visit this site, i find so many things that are so dear to my heart! you should check them out, the blog is great too, great design sense, thats for sure.

i want this
necklace with this chain and i also want a set of these lovely cards.

maybe i will get them someday soon...

custom journal for pcockey

newest creation. made for pcockey on etsy!

man my ears are popped right now, uuugh. its pretty hot out and im about to take a walk to the post office. i hope the post office ladies arent mean today, christ they always have a bug up their ass. they dont like me there. thats okay, because i dont like them back.

Monday, June 19, 2006

sometimes theres no need for a title...

hello hello!
how have things been? okay here, i suppose. i dyed my hair black the other day, as usual, and i used the same dye i always do...but did it ever mess up my scalp! uugh. i wish i could put lotion on it!
so heres what im here to ask you guys- awhile back there was a blog that had a few great links to the printers that they use. i just did a search on google and came up with next to nothing. SO im asking you guys- do you use any printers that youve found online who are decent priced? or do you take your stuff to your local print shop? i used to know a few places but not anymore.
my etsy shop has been REALLY slow through june. so im offering all my blog friends free shipping and a free greeting card with any purchase. just tell me that you read it on the blog, and dont pay yet- i will send you a new invoice through paypal. i just really need to move some product and im going on "vacation" to visit my grandpa in a couple days. while im really excited about going, its really just not a good time for a vacation right now. too much stuff going on that involves money. im sure you're in the same boat. but if you end up finding a treasure chest while diving from your boat, you should spend some of that gold at my shop! i cant wait till the wedding is here so i can set up my screen press...i figure this- everybody likes t-shirts and posters for their wall. NOT everybody likes journals or writing. so this will probably appeal to more people than these journals.
anyway, its monday at 5 something in the morning. im only up because i get up every a.m. to tell joe goodbye, and then i (try to) go back to sleep. i work at 11:30 today so i should be able to get a couple hours in.
thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

journals journals everywhere

blogger sucks when it comes to doing things the right way...
anyway, here are pictures of a journal i just finished. they are all jumbled and not in the order i want them to be in BUT im sure you have a scroll button so i guess its not the end of the world!
this one has 80 pages of 80 lb. drawing paper
bound with red waxed linen thread
and its available in my shop.
so whats new with you guys? not a lot here. i was supposed to work on wedding invitations today but dang it...i must have...umm, yeah i must have forgot about them. or something.
im off to eat tortilla chips with cheese and salsa and sour cream!
have a goooooood one AND thank you SO much for all the kind comments! i am so excited that traffic is picking up in here! yay!

done and done.

hmmm...awhile ago i received a few emails asking if i could change my preferences for the comment area and let everyone post. i didnt even know that button existed, and i didnt know that most of you couldnt post here for a long long time! i fixed it a couple months ago but yesterday i got an email "erin i wish i could post a comment on your blog"...well you can! maybe some people just havent re-tried it since they knew it never used to work. but it works now!

Monday, June 12, 2006

meadow journal

a new journal! 96 pages of 80 lb drawing paper, i just finished it and listed it in my shop too. i had big plans to make 2 journals today, but it looks like thats not happening...i have too much other stuff to do. i might make the card box for our wedding today. uuuugh wedding stuff. blah. i did call the bridal store today so i guess that counts for something! our groomsmen shirts should be here soon so im excited about that too.
anyway...this is the inside cover color- a lovely salmony pink!
and a pose from the side...
thats all for now. HEY guess what?! my paypal debit card FINALLY came today so i can FINALLY start paying for shipping with my paypal funds like i should have been doing this whole damn time! but my first card got lost in the mail and then you know how things go when you try contacting big companies like paypal. ugh. BUT i have it now so im really happy.
today i went out for tea with my friend jodi. i havent done anything with anybody in so long because i focus most of my time off on journals and cards and for awhile i had a lot of stupid doctor appointments on my days off too. so i really didnt have much time to hang out with anybody during the day, but lately ive been telling myself to do more things with people so i did. mmmm i had a chai tea latte and it was so good! joe is going to be home late today, which i guess is good in a sense because i chatted with jodi for a little over 3 hours so i was gone for about 4 hours today when i should have been doing chores and making this journal.
well its time to work on wedding invitations. my favorite.
its not that i dont want to get married. its not that at ALL. but planning a wedding is a lot less fun than making journals for YOU!