Thursday, June 22, 2006

custom journal for pcockey

newest creation. made for pcockey on etsy!

man my ears are popped right now, uuugh. its pretty hot out and im about to take a walk to the post office. i hope the post office ladies arent mean today, christ they always have a bug up their ass. they dont like me there. thats okay, because i dont like them back.


Katie said...

heh heh. you'd think postal employees would want to break the stereotype of being mean, cruel people but nope - why is it that they are like that? Is it like Newman said "the mail just keeps coming and coming and NEVER STOPS!" ? :-) that'd probably drive me insane too.

Love the new spooky journal. Ghoulishly cute!

Dawbis said...

where do you purchase your bookbinding materials? i'm interested in the craft :)