Monday, June 19, 2006

sometimes theres no need for a title...

hello hello!
how have things been? okay here, i suppose. i dyed my hair black the other day, as usual, and i used the same dye i always do...but did it ever mess up my scalp! uugh. i wish i could put lotion on it!
so heres what im here to ask you guys- awhile back there was a blog that had a few great links to the printers that they use. i just did a search on google and came up with next to nothing. SO im asking you guys- do you use any printers that youve found online who are decent priced? or do you take your stuff to your local print shop? i used to know a few places but not anymore.
my etsy shop has been REALLY slow through june. so im offering all my blog friends free shipping and a free greeting card with any purchase. just tell me that you read it on the blog, and dont pay yet- i will send you a new invoice through paypal. i just really need to move some product and im going on "vacation" to visit my grandpa in a couple days. while im really excited about going, its really just not a good time for a vacation right now. too much stuff going on that involves money. im sure you're in the same boat. but if you end up finding a treasure chest while diving from your boat, you should spend some of that gold at my shop! i cant wait till the wedding is here so i can set up my screen press...i figure this- everybody likes t-shirts and posters for their wall. NOT everybody likes journals or writing. so this will probably appeal to more people than these journals.
anyway, its monday at 5 something in the morning. im only up because i get up every a.m. to tell joe goodbye, and then i (try to) go back to sleep. i work at 11:30 today so i should be able to get a couple hours in.
thanks for stopping by!


lisa s said...

what exactly do you want to print? is really reasonable... i also use - very nice folks

hope your scalp is OK :)

Katie said...

hi erin,
yeah, it seems like a consenus that etsy has been slow all this month - wading through the forums the other night I saw alot of "What is wrong with my shop?" "why isn't anybody buying?" posts. I think in general the economy right now is slow and people are just spending less money- all thanks of course to our our dear king, i mean, "president". Mofo...

Anyway, have you tried using google's "blog search" tool to find those printers you read about?
It scans only blogs for the search parameters so it may find it easier than google's regular search engine.

Ooo, and I'm really sorry to hear about your scalp! Just whatever you do don't scratch it!

shelby said...

Etsy is slow like molasses. Thought it was just me. Hopefully things will pick back up soon!