Monday, June 12, 2006

meadow journal

a new journal! 96 pages of 80 lb drawing paper, i just finished it and listed it in my shop too. i had big plans to make 2 journals today, but it looks like thats not happening...i have too much other stuff to do. i might make the card box for our wedding today. uuuugh wedding stuff. blah. i did call the bridal store today so i guess that counts for something! our groomsmen shirts should be here soon so im excited about that too.
anyway...this is the inside cover color- a lovely salmony pink!
and a pose from the side...
thats all for now. HEY guess what?! my paypal debit card FINALLY came today so i can FINALLY start paying for shipping with my paypal funds like i should have been doing this whole damn time! but my first card got lost in the mail and then you know how things go when you try contacting big companies like paypal. ugh. BUT i have it now so im really happy.
today i went out for tea with my friend jodi. i havent done anything with anybody in so long because i focus most of my time off on journals and cards and for awhile i had a lot of stupid doctor appointments on my days off too. so i really didnt have much time to hang out with anybody during the day, but lately ive been telling myself to do more things with people so i did. mmmm i had a chai tea latte and it was so good! joe is going to be home late today, which i guess is good in a sense because i chatted with jodi for a little over 3 hours so i was gone for about 4 hours today when i should have been doing chores and making this journal.
well its time to work on wedding invitations. my favorite.
its not that i dont want to get married. its not that at ALL. but planning a wedding is a lot less fun than making journals for YOU!


shelby said...

I love the new journal! Very cute! I understand the wedding thing. Sometimes hard to get motivated, but I am sure the invites will be fabulous!!!

Katie said...

Another beautiful journal! The cover would make a really nice fabric pattern too - have you ever thought about screen printing your designs onto pillows and things ? You'd probably have good results. :-)

erin scissorhands said...

yep, screenprinting is in the works katie!