Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well. I got my computer back {after waiting 10 days for it...yeah.}
I paid the guy $300.
The system was fully restored, luckily he was able to back up all my photos.
That's really all I cared about- getting my photos back.
He told me I should put everything on an external hard drive.
Which I was going to do.
But then 2 days later, it broke again.
Same problem.
I don't know what to do.
So now I'm out $300 and somewhere between 2000-3000 photos.
Sure, I have some of them on Flickr.
But 80% of them are on my computer and not on Flickr.
I really, really, REALLY want those photos back.
But I just got off the phone with him and it sounds like he's not too concerned that I've already spent $300 on it all.
It makes me wish that I didn't support the local guy on this one.
If it was Circuit City, at least I could go to the manager or something.
Anyway, Joe is in Dallas on a business trip so I'm at my parents, visiting.
I almost didn't get to come down because on my way to the airport to drop Joe off, I drove into a median and took down a big sign that was cemented into a ground with a 4x4.
Luckily nobody was hurt.
It was snowing, the roads were absolutely terrible, it was 4:30 a.m.
I couldn't fit the giant piece that fell off my car (the front bumper) into my car at the time, so I had to drive back and look for it later on.
Which was an adventure in itself.
Since there was nowhere for me to pull over onto the snowy country road, I had to pretty much hold up traffic while I ran out out into the field to retrieve my bumper.
I had this great idea that I'd leave the car running and just take my trunk key off the ring so it would make the process faster.
It was a great idea...until I locked myself out of the car a few hours later.
I had to go find a police man to unlock my car for me, hoping that he wouldn't see my dented front end and hood and ticket me for a) not reporting it and b) not having a license plate on the front.
Luckily he didn't see it.
Joe was so excited to escape this cold, blustery Wisconsin weather...he called me last night when he got into Dallas and told me it was snowing there.
I had to laugh, because really.....isn't that kind of funny?
Okay well I'm painting a bunch of wood today, so time for the next coat.