Friday, March 31, 2006

so my camera batteries are dead. AGAIN. i really need to just buy the rechargable one already! so its looking like spring again today! yesterday joe and i did some house cleaning and it feels so nice! we had this down blanket draped over the flimsy apt. blinds in the bedroom because im pretty sensitive to light when i sleep- well i took it down last night and GUESS WHAT!? this a.m. i woke up and actually GOT UP when i woke up! i didnt lay there for like 7 hours thinking of all the reasons why to stay in bed. AND i didnt have to use my heating blanket, which is awesome because that makes me sleep forever.

so today i have to do a lot of stuff. i really want to make some new stationery too but im not sure if i want to deal with the mess. hmmm. im trying to think of some new stamp ideas. any suggestions?

my new line of journals is going to have monsters on the covers. im pretty excited about it. im wainting for the paper at hobby lobby to be half off, thats the only time i buy it. otherwise its like 10 bucks for a pad of 25 sheets (big sheets that i cut to size) which only makes like 4-6 books.

anyway, i should go DO something. theres a lot to choose from!! leave stamp suggestions in the comment area if you have anything good! i just finished a beetle stamp, next up is some tree type stuff, and then whatever you decide.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

okay, i think i found a new name...i have been thinking about this for weeks now and cant seem to come up with anything too spectacular, so "operation paper cut" it is. so now that i FINALLY have my new name, i can start posting my recent projects and additions to!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

well, things like this ALWAYS happen in the "indie world" but im changing the name...apparently smock paper scissors is already taken, somebody has rights to it- i got an email today asking me to delete my etsy site, well change the name anyway, but since you cant change the name i have to delete it and start over. so i suppose i should get hopping before they come after me with a lawsuit. anyway, i havent figured out what to rename it yet, but smockpaperscissors will be no more!