Thursday, June 28, 2007

it's thursday. again.

the weeks are flying by, aren't they?

it has been too humid to coat the screens with emulsion. today would have been a good day to do it, and i started to but then i realized that my makeshift darkroom isn't dark enough. it's pretty dark, but not completely. so i'm waiting till it's dark out tonight.

a corner...

we went to my aunt's birthday party last weekend. i felt like wearing my garden blouse.

hey, check out etsy seller majicjelly's latest print-

i really love it.
what a great price, too- only $12!!!
visit her shop over here!

okay, off to finish laundry!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

rummage sales and rearranging

proof that i really have been working on screen printing stuff...

although, i didn't do what i wanted to do with it today. it's too humid and i don't have a dehumidifier, so i have to wait till tonight to coat the screens with emulsion.

i went rummaging with my mom and bought a couple of little things:

2 of these red patterned linens. i'm going to put them in the bedroom, i think.

a roll of old german wallpaper. i'm going to make envelopes and perhaps a journal cover with it.
i also got the yellow duvet that's under the roll of paper. it's a little faded, but it will do.

when i got home, i felt like rearranging my housewares. i don't have very many things, so it's not that easy to just switch them around. i decided that the coffee table needed some reading material, so i put some readymade magazines and a craft book in a serving tray.

i've been working on designs for my prints, as you know. photoshop would really help right about now. but i don't have it, so i have to make do without.

i wish i could tell you guys what my first print is going to be! well, i suppose i could tell you, but then it wouldn't be as fun to show you when it's done. i can say that it will be partially moroccan inspired and there might be some yellow in it...but that's about it!

well, time to go clean the house.

take care, friends!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dang, some of my photos are missing from older posts. i have to redo that part.

and the other dang- i think i'm going to have to pick up a shift at work tonight, so i wont have time to do any printing stuff. uuugh.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

father's day + small to do list

i refuse to shop at hallmark or buy any type of card unless it's handmade. (although when it's somebody's wedding, i sometimes forget about the card till last minute, so i'm forced to shop hallmark. i need to get a nice collection of occasion cards going.

anyway, this is what i came up with for father's day. it's a beer bottle shape. the label comes off by sliding it down and it opens like a regular card. for my father-in-law. i haven't made my dad's, yet.

i only made it because i didn't have any other crafty things to do, since i'm waiting for my screen printing stuff (should be here on tuesday!) AND because i've been dying to use this lovely green card stock for a long time now!

the week ahead:

+monday- going to my parent's to celebrate father's day.
+tuesday- off to the strawberry field since we never went last weekend.
+wednesday- hopefully burning some screens for printing by friday.
+thursday- setting up my printing space.
+friday- printing. (fingers crossed!)

stay tuned, lots of photos in the days to come!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

casting shadows

i had to take a photo of this because the sun was shining into our home for about an hour the other day...which is something that only happens for a couple months out of the year, in the evening after about 7:15 or so. the sun only covers about 2 feet of the wall, so it's nothing spectacular, but it made me really happy to see it since it doesn't happen too often.

i'm really tired right now- i slept from about 1 a.m. till 4:15 a.m. and then went for a jog at 5:40. now it's 6:45 and i'm going to go back to sleep for a bit.

i have today off. lots of errands to do and then i'm going to work on a couple designs for the whole screen printing thing. ugh, will the day EVER come when i get to start printing? i feel like it just keeps getting pushed back by little things in life. i am ordering my emulsion TODAY though, for sure this time, and nothing is going to get in my way this time, as it has the past 4 or 5 times that i've said this. i'm feeling more inspired than ever and i am ready to see the day that i quit chili's- i've had more than enough of that place and it's drama. i really, really despise drama. ugh.

anyway, i might post again later today depending on errands, etc. if not, maybe sometime early next week!

have a good one.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

peach tea and a wedding today.

today we are going to a wedding at 2.

i decided that we needed some peach tea beforehand, though.

does anybody else notice that blogger makes their images fuzzy? it doesn't even matter how big or small you make it...ugh.

tomorrow we might go pick strawberries or something. maybe the farmers market instead? i think this is the first weekend of it. we'll see.

short post today.

Monday, June 04, 2007

shop update, etc

the shop has been updated with new moleskines.

this weekend we went to our friends wedding in michigan. it was nice visit another state. wisconsin starts to get really boring after awhile! the farmer's market starts soon, though...can't wait for that!

so i'm always on the lookout for the perfect dining room table and chairs. i've seen a few in design catalogues, but they are always really expensive and there's no way i could ever convince joe that we should spend that much on a table. anyway, i stumbled across this set last night and i really love it:

i like the solid wood (mahogany) and steel construction. and i HATE rounded tables, so the square design is exactly what i'm looking for.

do you see the indent in the middle of the table? i like it, but the strange thing is that the "room view" of the table and chairs doesn't show that. so i don't really know what's up with that. anyway, the set is supposed to be over $2200 but i found it for less than $1000.

we'll see if i end up getting it. depends. i'm leaning towards no, because i have to save money for the surprise anniversary trip that i'm taking joe on and i also need to save money to fix my car. i hate cars. mine needs a lot of work...ew.

today it's raining so i'm going to clean out my closet, work on etsy stuff and visit some blogs.

i should get on that right now! thanks for stopping by!