Monday, June 04, 2007

shop update, etc

the shop has been updated with new moleskines.

this weekend we went to our friends wedding in michigan. it was nice visit another state. wisconsin starts to get really boring after awhile! the farmer's market starts soon, though...can't wait for that!

so i'm always on the lookout for the perfect dining room table and chairs. i've seen a few in design catalogues, but they are always really expensive and there's no way i could ever convince joe that we should spend that much on a table. anyway, i stumbled across this set last night and i really love it:

i like the solid wood (mahogany) and steel construction. and i HATE rounded tables, so the square design is exactly what i'm looking for.

do you see the indent in the middle of the table? i like it, but the strange thing is that the "room view" of the table and chairs doesn't show that. so i don't really know what's up with that. anyway, the set is supposed to be over $2200 but i found it for less than $1000.

we'll see if i end up getting it. depends. i'm leaning towards no, because i have to save money for the surprise anniversary trip that i'm taking joe on and i also need to save money to fix my car. i hate cars. mine needs a lot of work...ew.

today it's raining so i'm going to clean out my closet, work on etsy stuff and visit some blogs.

i should get on that right now! thanks for stopping by!


jen b said...

love the table and chair set, especially the chairs.

Maditi said...

I really like that chair - wood and steel is a great combination :)

louise said...

I really like that chair too. Isn't it a shame that practicalities like car repairs always get in the way of buying what you'd really like to have.