Sunday, June 17, 2007

father's day + small to do list

i refuse to shop at hallmark or buy any type of card unless it's handmade. (although when it's somebody's wedding, i sometimes forget about the card till last minute, so i'm forced to shop hallmark. i need to get a nice collection of occasion cards going.

anyway, this is what i came up with for father's day. it's a beer bottle shape. the label comes off by sliding it down and it opens like a regular card. for my father-in-law. i haven't made my dad's, yet.

i only made it because i didn't have any other crafty things to do, since i'm waiting for my screen printing stuff (should be here on tuesday!) AND because i've been dying to use this lovely green card stock for a long time now!

the week ahead:

+monday- going to my parent's to celebrate father's day.
+tuesday- off to the strawberry field since we never went last weekend.
+wednesday- hopefully burning some screens for printing by friday.
+thursday- setting up my printing space.
+friday- printing. (fingers crossed!)

stay tuned, lots of photos in the days to come!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

The word Hallmark never even rolls of the tip of my tongue. Great design with the slip cover + I take it he likes fishing + beer (not a bad combo).

I wish you all the absolute super duper best with getting your screen printing up + running, It’s a l-o-n-g time coming + I'm sure you feel that it NEEDS TO COME NOW!!!

bugheart said...

a cute card!
i never shop
at hallmark
i have
a stack
of mav's cards
for the

gracia said...

Such a great card... though I must admit I was a little concerned upon seeing it thinking I had missed father's day (!) until it dawned on me (oh so slowly) that here it celebrated in September. Oh, the relief! I had not missed it. Have fun...
see you, g