Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i have a couple more things listed now...finally! im currently working on a custom order for monica who accepted my bid on alchemy...part of really excited about this and i will post pictures when it is complete. it will be a day of the dead coptic bound 128 page journal made with 80 lb. drawing paper.
other than this project, im working on another project for a friends birthday, planning a wedding, DIY things for the wedding, trying to find a new job (kind of) and all sorts of other little things, so pardon the lack of posts on the blog!
i have a few things in store for spring! i want to have a few new things out by late march if not sooner...lots of stationery goodies to come and a few new books!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

hello all! ive been pretty busy lately but decided to take the past couple of days off from blogging, crafting, and all those things to do a few other things that had to be done. i will be back soon though! here are a few things i havent showed off yet...

all is for sale on etsy but im still working out a few kinks in my shop...i'll list the shop link when its a little more complete!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the four things meme:

ive been putting this off mainly because ive had such a boring life compared to ALL the other people who have responded to this and posted about it in their blog.

Four jobs I've had:
-cashier at a chain grocery store
-supervisor at a theme park
-worked in a machine shop *for 4 days till i cut myself pretty good and they didnt have any bandadges to give me*

Four movies I could watch over and over

-pulp fiction
-die hard...any of them
-reservoir dogs

Four places I've lived:
-in a house in illinois

-in an apt in wisconsin

Four TV shows I love:
dont like tv much anymore, so here WERE my favorite shows as a kid-
-fragil rock
-zoobilee zoo
-eureka's castle

Four favourite places I've vacationed:
-baraboo, wi
-poconos, pa
-clearwater, fl
-hayward, wi

Four of my favourite dishes:

-chicken parmegian with egg noodles
-steak and a baked potatoe
-tamale casserole
-pepper steak and rice
(i told you i was pretty boring!)

Four sites I visit daily:

Four places I'd rather be right now:

-in a bubble bath
-in europe maybe?
-in heating blanket is waiting for me!!! good night everyone!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

apple having the hardest time coming up with a price for these!!! i want to sell them in quantities of 3, 4, or possibly 5. white envelopes included. any suggestions? everytime i think of a price i second guess myself and say "thats too high" but then again i bought the cards and envelopes from a distributer, carved the stamp myself and used speedball ink which isnt as cheap as i wish it was. but THEN i tell myself, "well, people in the craft 'world' know why things are pricey. like i said, im open for suggestions!

this is what i've been doing...only a few (BLURY!) pictures for now, i have to get back to crafting asap!...sit tight, apple cards, tags, and a few other pictures are on the way!

booklets made from recycled paper... i carved and stamped the prints on front. hopefully somebody will pick one up at the craft fair on saturday! they can be used for to do lists, notes to your lover (hehe), purse booklet, mini journal, etc. the bird one is 52 pages and the heart one is 28 pages.

a peak into the bird booklet...

and into the heart one...

heart valentine cards! i cut, folded and printed these this a.m. on 2 different shades of red cardstock. blank inside. im secretly really happy about my heart stamp! although i did mess up one part. hmph. im going to take these to the show too.
self portrait tuesday...just got home from work.