Tuesday, February 07, 2006

apple cards...im having the hardest time coming up with a price for these!!! i want to sell them in quantities of 3, 4, or possibly 5. white envelopes included. any suggestions? everytime i think of a price i second guess myself and say "thats too high" but then again i bought the cards and envelopes from a distributer, carved the stamp myself and used speedball ink which isnt as cheap as i wish it was. but THEN i tell myself, "well, people in the craft 'world' know why things are pricey. like i said, im open for suggestions!


Katie said...

Damn, i left this long ass comment and it got deleted by blogger! Argh!

ANYWAY - What i had written was that I think a set of 5 cards & envelopes is a good quantity and I wouldn't think it too expensive to ask for somewhere between $10-15.
I've seen card sets go for more around the artsy fartsy boutiques and stuff around nyc here, but I don't know what kinds of customers you get at your craft fairs and whut not.

I mean, they are hand printed, made using a stamp you made by hand. Just hype that up if they balk at the price but I don't think they will. These cards are super cute!!

p.s. - Erin, is this your website too: http://www.mockpaperscissors.com??

Katie said...
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Abigail said...

Now...I don't know how much this helps (as I make jewellery) but I always think a really good way to price your goods is to multiply how much it cost you to make them by 3..this way you have 1/3 to re-buy materials, 1/3 to either put in the bank or back into the business via equiptment, and 1/3 for yourself!! Your cards are lovely..by the way :) x

Katie said...

note about my "p.s."

just realized it's kevin tengrain's website, not yours. But funny that your website addresses are so similar - ya'll had me confused for a minute there!