Tuesday, February 07, 2006

this is what i've been doing...only a few (BLURY!) pictures for now, i have to get back to crafting asap!...sit tight, apple cards, tags, and a few other pictures are on the way!

booklets made from recycled paper... i carved and stamped the prints on front. hopefully somebody will pick one up at the craft fair on saturday! they can be used for to do lists, notes to your lover (hehe), purse booklet, mini journal, etc. the bird one is 52 pages and the heart one is 28 pages.

a peak into the bird booklet...

and into the heart one...

heart valentine cards! i cut, folded and printed these this a.m. on 2 different shades of red cardstock. blank inside. im secretly really happy about my heart stamp! although i did mess up one part. hmph. im going to take these to the show too.

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Katie said...

Your cards and books look great! I'm sure someone will snatch them up at the fair.

And I love love love the valentine's. So cute.