Thursday, May 24, 2007

new stuff

today i started a new series of moleskines:

i've had all this great paper laying around forever now, and i finally brought myself to cut some of it. i still need to glue everything down, but i figured i'd share them now anyway. the shop will be updated tonight (about dame time...i've been taking a really long break from it.) so all of these will be available.
today is pretty hot outside, but that's okay because i love summer more than least for now. heh.
it appears to be nice and breezy so i might go lay outside with my ipod and enjoy the weather. not an easy thing to do when you live in an apartment, as i'm sure some of you may know. i can't wait to move into a house! i just want a garden with tons of vegetables and another garden with flowers and plants...and a place to have bonfires. aaaaand a clothes line like this one. oh! and our own washer and dryer because it really blows having to share one washer and one dryer with 11 other tenants, especially when it's 4 floors down and broken quite often. can you tell that i'm sick of apartment living? the first year was okay, i didn't really mind it. it was just nice to be on my own (with joe). the next year was alright because we were busy planning the wedding so it wasn't something i really noticed. but now, year 3, is really getting on my nerves. oooh well. one day.
okay, well like i mentioned before, it looks beautiful outside so i'm off to see if the horses are out. they haven't been out for awhile :(

i want a horse.

ha, joe says i want everything. that's almost true...

west elm just sent me an email saying that their bedding has free shipping right now :) mmm. it's a good thing i'm not floored by this seasons designs. whew, otherwise i'd want that too. i better go check it out just in case.


kat said...

oh wow, those look great!

Dawbis said...

hi! just wanted to stop by and thank you for your message :) thank you and hugs!

gracia said...

Enjoy the sunny outdoors... wishing I was doing the same.
see you, g

nicole said...

Erin, I'm really loving these. I think they're some of your most beautiful ones. Nice work!

louise said...

Sound like the outdoors and warm weather is just the distraction you need from apartment living. Your new journals look great too.


love what you are doing!


cruststation said...

I love the picture of your moleskines in process, they look so beautiful! Enjoy the sunshine, and yes I would love a house with a small garden too.