Tuesday, May 15, 2007

around the apartment

(originally blogged on typepad, 04-30-2007)

whenever joe goes out of town, i always have these strange urges to photograph our apartment.
not that taking photos of your living quarters is odd, but the urges that i have to do so are odd.
anyway, these are photos from our bedroom.

nothing too exciting, but soon we'll be adding a couple prints above the nightstands, so i'm pretty excited about that. these are the prints. i want both of them, one for my side (not shown in the bedroom photo) and one for his side.

i can't wait to order them!

my side is on the left, if you're looking at the bed.
i sleep with my head near the foot of the bed.
but when i make the bed, like i did today, i put my pillow by the window.
i would say that joe's side of the bed is on the right, but we actually don't sleep together all that often.
don't worry though, nothing is wrong...everyone i tell automatically assumes that there is something terribly wrong with our relationship, but that's not the case at all.
we just sleep better separately. (we meaning i.)
we do still make an attempt to sleep in the same bedroom once in awhile, but one of us always ends up in a different room by morning.
one of our friends is even jealous about our sleeping habits.
i'm jealous of their sleeping habits...i wish i could sleep well in the same room as joe!


on the wall there is a shelf with one of the projects i made in my design class.
(oh, how i miss design school. *sigh*)
anyway, we had to come up with a design to be repeated in a series of 4 to 16 boxes or something like that.
this is the pattern i came up with.
each colored piece was cut out of coloraid paper with an xacto knife and then glued to bristol and then onto an illustration board.
i wish i would have used acid free glue, but i didn't.
it's coming up in some spots, but that's okay.

today was nice outside.
i met up with my friend amy at a bar and had a couple of beers and some food.
now i'm at home wondering what i should do next...
maybe package a couple of orders?
i don't know, we'll see...

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Maditi said...

your bedroom looks fabulous!!
love your design piece in particular - gorgeous colors and pattern!!!!