Monday, May 21, 2007


this weekend we went camping with a friend of ours.
it was really nice, but the ticks were terrible! i've never seen a tick before, which is odd because i've been camping quite a few times. and then when i learned that ticks are actually arachnids, i disliked them even more. ugh.

so what's new with you guys? nothing much all. things are a lot different when i'm not making new items for my shop. i kind of like it, actually. i'm really not sure when i will ever get around to screen printing, right now i'm trying to focus on other things. i'm saving my money for our anniversary trip- joe has no idea where we're going, but i've been looking into this place for almost a year now. i can't wait!

i finally started a few drawings to be turned into prints, so that's a start. i also decided what the first print will be's a secret, though! you'll find out eventually. hopefully soon. okay, hopefully soon-ish. we'll go with soon-ish because that gives me until mid summer.

there's never much to talk about when i'm not making new things, so that's all for now.

have a good one!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I think in about 3 weeks I will be in the state you are in (no, not WI) taking it easy- taking a break! But right now...working like a mad woman!

The ticks are bad here too; luckily the mosquitoes aren't.

cruststation said...

Your camping trip sounds nice (minus the ticks). Can't wait to see your new work.