Tuesday, May 15, 2007

organizing my workspace

(originally blogged on typepad, april 22, 2007)

hello again.

i finally (and i do stress, FINALLY!) organized my desk.

these drawers from ikea helped immensely!

before i was shoving things in boxes--not a good way to organize.
today is a beautiful day outside.

joe and i got up early and made our usual weekend breakfast- 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of toast, and 3 pieces of bacon each. i'm always in charge of the bacon and toast. he fries the eggs because it's such a nerve wracking task for me...pathetic, i know.

then we went out and played tennis. this is something we've been looking forward to for many months!

now joe is at his parents and i'm about to get ready to go to work.

but before i head out, i want to share this with you guys:

these beautiful cards are all hand carved and printed by kristin from
moontea artwork.

i bought them for a great price while browsing her etsy shop. if you have a minute, you should check it out. visit her lovely blog to find the shop link!


in other news, my first print will not be released on the 27th as i had hoped. but i am still hoping to get one out by the end of april! (update: so it's now may...nothing, yet)

i am having such a hard time deciding WHAT my first print will be of. i have so many ideas, but i'm just really indecisive. do i want something really simple? one color or two? what color should it even be? perhaps it will be a limited edition? i don't know! making my head spin.

anyway, as i said before, it's almost time for work. so i'll be on my way now.

thanks so much for stopping by!

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