Tuesday, June 13, 2006

journals journals everywhere

blogger sucks when it comes to doing things the right way...
anyway, here are pictures of a journal i just finished. they are all jumbled and not in the order i want them to be in BUT im sure you have a scroll button so i guess its not the end of the world!
this one has 80 pages of 80 lb. drawing paper
bound with red waxed linen thread
and its available in my shop.
so whats new with you guys? not a lot here. i was supposed to work on wedding invitations today but dang it...i must have...umm, yeah i must have forgot about them. or something.
im off to eat tortilla chips with cheese and salsa and sour cream!
have a goooooood one AND thank you SO much for all the kind comments! i am so excited that traffic is picking up in here! yay!


Ky said...

your journals are so gorgeous, erin!

shelby said...

I loooovvvveee this journal! Very nice!!

Gina said...

Really unique and great looking.

Katie said...

erin - you are so sweet to comment on my blog!
thanks for making me feel a little better about the slow comments and all. It's just frustrating when you make stuff you *think* is pretty rad and then you don't get any sort of feed back on it - it's like, "what's wrong with them? is my sense of cool-ness that far off?"

that's really weird about the 'pictures of people wearing the item" thing - i would think people would want to see how it would look when it's actually being worn. Strange! Well, maybe I'll do another round of photography and see if that helps.

I need to get out & about more on blogs and boards and stuff - i haven't been over to the RM forums in ages! But yeah, I know that's the best way to get out there and get more traffic. That means less window shopping online, more chatting :-)

your journals are all looking great, by the way!

LALA dex press said...

Your books and designs are fantastic! I have been making case bound books for years and am learning coptic. I love the idea that I can print on the cover and not have to print on paper and paste onto book board, the registration can be a bear. Your spines and beautiful and you photograph them well. ~Shona

maditi said...

adore the yellow color - so uplifting and beautiful!!

louise said...

These look great, especially the red stitching... very precise craftsmanship.
cheers, louise