Tuesday, June 27, 2006

not much to say today

theres free shipping today only (tuesday) on all items in my shop. AND if you are a blog friend, you get 10% off, just tell me that you saw this on the blog! free shipping is today only along with the 10% off. im trying to move some stuff, the shop looks a little messy to me right now...just like my apartment!
i dont have a whole lot to say (well, i do, but i have to go to work in a bit) but i am going to be posting a longer post either later today or tomorrow, i have a lot of good stuff to show you!
has anybody ever tried this perfume? how is it? im worried i will smell like pledge but the bottle and box are so sweet- they have leaves on them, im a sucker for all things trees and leaves.
okay, i will talk to you all later! have a good day!


gracia said...

I've only sampled that particular perfume in the store... and from what I can recall, very fresh, clean and lovely... very all things green, all things leafy.
cheers, gracia

Katie said...

I don't know that perfume specifically, but I've worn a bunch of different scents by Demeter (http://www.demeterfragrance.com/).

They are always very good smelling and usually don't literally smell like the perfume's name, which with Demeter could be anything from a martini to sushi to (haven't smelled this one so I'm not 100% sure) mildew.