Thursday, June 22, 2006

blend creations

have you guys ever checked out blend creations? you really should, its an awesome site with lots of great paper goods and jewelry. im really picky when it comes to both, but especially jewelry- i dont like most of it, its just not me. but when i visit this site, i find so many things that are so dear to my heart! you should check them out, the blog is great too, great design sense, thats for sure.

i want this
necklace with this chain and i also want a set of these lovely cards.

maybe i will get them someday soon...


Vivian Cheng said...

Hi Erin! -- Got your entry for the Blend contest ;)
And in case you're still needing to email me, it's blog [at] blendcreations [dot] com.

Thanks for entering and good luck!

Tangerine Dream said...

Just checked out your blog. You have beautiful creations! Thanks for complimenting my shoes. My husband told me to wear them. He thinks high heels are silly. He's silly.

lisa s said...

dangerous dangerous.... :) but lovely... thanks for the link!