Thursday, April 05, 2007


i finally hung the prints that i've been collecting!
i don't have frames so i just used binder clips and tacks.
see my flickr for more details!

joe has tomorrow off, which is exciting because he rarely gets weekdays off.
i really want to go to ikea for this, this and this.
i've never been to ikea, and while i wouldn't ever buy furniture from there, their accessories are nice to look at :)
shoot. actually, maybe i should stay away from there because i just found more things that i want. bad bad bad.


Nise said...

Hi I found your site through SouleMama's site. I love your stuff...very pretty and inspirational.

Shona said...

Ikea is very dangerous because as you walk through you add little things to your bag, a dollar here, two dollars there + before you know it you've bought A LOT! I would steer clear of most of the furniture, but for the money, some of it is pretty good. Then you get to the little Swedish food section at the end...that's where I start buying the jumbo pots of lingonberry jam.

Jessica said...

I love your wall, lately I have been hanging my prints in my bedroom. I use thrumbtacks mixed with framed pieces.

Your room looks great!

shelby said...

I love how you put up your prints. It looks nice. I might try something like that myself somewhere. And yes, IKEA can be dangerous!

bugheart said...

ikea can
be sooo addictive
for us
organizing types.
i love those little
storage mini chests...
i have them
all sorts
of colors-
so addictive!
have a great

cruststation said...

I love how you put up the prints, it's so organic, unique and beautiful. You haven't been to Ikea before? That's amazing! I agree with everyone else, Ikea can be addictive :)

Emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Love your wall, it looks amazing!

And, as a Swede, I of course recommend you go to Ikea right now, because you have have actually missed something good! I love Ikea's accessories and storage, it looks great and is relly cheap. So hurry now, before the stuff you want sells out (it always happens to me)!

Carmen said...

The arrangement looks lovely! Very natural and relaxed. I think that frames can sometimes detract from beautiful art.

kat said...

Love the wall! Love the prints!

Elise said...

love your wall.
wonderful inspiration.

platinum blonde said...

love your wall! :)

ashley g said...

I LOVE your display and am so flattered to be a part of it :) And there is nothing I don't like about binderclips. I hang almost everything with them.

Jules Knoblock said...

binder clips hey... good idea :)
and yay for prints! I love buying prints.. I dream of my own house with original paintings and prints adorning every wall. Great collection.