Thursday, March 29, 2007

i love the spring toast catalogue

have you guys seen the spring toast catalogue?
the photography (and clothing) is amazing.
you can go to their website and order a catalogue for free.
sipping hot chocolate out of my decole mushroom cup.
reading my toast catalogue.
thinking that i really need some new sheets for spring.
wondering when i will find the perfect sheets.
then thinking, they're just sheets.

the newest addition
5"x6" on bristol
"emperor dragonfly"

today while i was waiting for the UPS person to come, i cleaned out a closet.
i found some really great graph paper in joe's college notes box.
i'm going to use some for my next piece!
so the shoes that i got, you know- THE shoes that i have been swooning for quite some time- well, they came today. i knew they were coming today because i missed the UPS truck the past two days. so anyway, i got them, and i'm returning them.
they are 2 different shades, one shoe is like a burnt orange and one is like a burnt cranberry hue. very noticeable, indeed.
AND they are a little snug.
AND they make my feet look long and skinny and i've never worn shoes that do that to my feet! and so i am returning them.
good thing they pay for the return shipping :)
i'll leave you with some of my current obsessions:
these 2 prints, at a great price, might i add.
this fabric would make good kitchen blinds...if i had a window in my kitchen.
this quilt in paprika.
this floor lamp (i'd love to find a great arc lamp for the living room, though.)
and this bag.
okay, that's all for now.
take care everybody!


gracia said...

Your decole mushroom cup has me quite green with envy. Enjoy that hot chocolate.

louise said...

ooooooh me too. What an awesome cup, and filling it with hot chocolate makes it even more appealing.

Shona said...

Were the shoes hand dyed + from different dye lots?? that's just strange S~T~R~A~N~G~E I say!
Love the new collages + good graph paper is always a great find, you may recall that grids are among the things I love (on Thursdays). I am also partial to antiquated ledger paper.

marta said...

i adore your dragonfly piece. especially the bubble circles filled with text. purely lovely.

cruststation said...

I love the toast catalogue, the photography and styling is wonderful. Love your mushroom cup too, have a nice day!