Monday, March 26, 2007

today it was beautiful out.

today we went to the river.

we set up our grill on a red bench and sat beside it as our dinner cooked.

while we were there, i saw the first sign of spring.


Shona said...

When I lived in Madison it was freezing with snow everywhere + people told me to hold out until Spring. I moved back to L.A. before the first sign of Spring, but I'm sure it would have been lovely.

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, no kidding! Today was the first day that I really saw the buds really taking off--one tree was actually *green.*

shelby said...

That sounds like a nice outing. Spring has been here for a while already, it seems. Hope you enjoy your Spring!

nicole said...

Yeazzbah, s p r i n g!
I think we're going to go camping
this weekend.

cruststation said...

Beautiful, happy Spring!