Tuesday, March 06, 2007

sneak peak

so here is a peak at what's happening with my new inspiration journal. nothing too exciting quite yet. i'm going to work on it more after this post...it's quite relaxing.everything is going into that scissors journal that is in the middle of the photo above. it was for sale in my shop FOREVER and i then it dawned on me- this was THE journal for me. so i took it out of my shop and now it's mine. i really love the purple paper on the covers and i can't find any more of it, so i better keep it because i like it so much (even though i'm not too fond of purple, i really do like it in this particular setting.) AND the scissors are perfect for my alias, erin scissorhands. plus, i figured that it was good since everything inside will be clippings from magazines and other sources...maybe you CAN judge a book by it's cover!
tomorrow i might be going to madison for the day. joe is up there on business. (like i need an excuse to go there, it's my favorite place (as a lot of you know) and it will give me a chance to be away from the internet (bad habit) and finally finish a letter to my penpal that i've been working on forever now. so i am planning on leaving right after i get off work.
right now i am listening to wdrv...the only radio station that i enjoy...but they are doing the "10 at 10" and it's from the year 1985....UGH. the only cool thing that came out of 1985 was me. haha, kidding. there were a few other things, i'm sure. but i don't really know since i don't remember.
last night i went to my parent's house. i love going "home". it will always be home to me, i lived there my entire life (except for the first year) and it's so cozy to me. i don't feel "at home" in our apartment. i mean, part of me does. but part of me doesn't. maybe because it's not a house? and because there isnt a family that lives in it? i've been thinking about kids vs. no kids a lot lately. i really think that having kids would make me feel like my house was a home. does that make sense? i mean, one day joe and i will move into a house and i know it will probably feel so empty if we are alone...and an empty house is not very home-like. that's probably where they got the term "empty nest", after all your kids move out you feel so different i'm sure. aaah i don't know, i'm rambling. OH, and mom- don't get too excited. no babies here for a really long time! (sorry!)
okay so i am going to go work on this journal for a bit and then it's off to bed for me.
have a great day everybody! see you soon :)


nicole said...

I feel like I'd like some little babes as well ;)

ambika said...

I'm getting inspired watching this come together. I have a small envelope of clippings that I rarely remember to add to--it seems like the 'Misc' folder on my hard drive is ending up more of a scrapbk lately. It would honestly be really nice to print these off and put them in a book I'll be more likely to flip thru...

mommy2u said...

darn...now i have to return the crib:(....lol!!