Monday, March 05, 2007

flickr toys and more

i love flickr toys...i especially like the mosaic maker, i think that images look so neat when grouped together-clockwise, from top left-
"ideas" recycled booklet. sold.
"heart and tree" recycled booklet. sold.
"raindrop" moleskine- available!
"robot" recycled booklet. available!
haven't been up to a whole lot.
tonight i am FINALLY starting an inspiration journal. i'm excited about this, and even though it's been on my mind for a really long time, i am just now starting it. mainly because before i was kind of nervous, only because i didn't want to mess it up or anything. but then i realized that it doesn't have to be done any certain way and i really like that idea of it being somewhat spontaneous and sporadic, rather and organized and thought out. maybe i will post some photos tomorrow?
have you guys seen this dining room and this kitchen? i saw them on design*sponge and thought you might enjoy them as much as i do.

and then there is this kitchen/dining room (bottom middle) which i absolutely LOVE. the green on the wall is perfect, the tree is amazing and that kitchen table is just perfect. found on decor8. the tree decal is from a company called apple pie design. check it out, it's wonderful!
well i am going to go work on my new inspiration journal. have a good one, if you come back tomorrow i might have some photos of this new project :)


nicole said...

I'd like the raindrop one! :)

Shona said...

An inspiration journal might also help you clear out any stacks of magazines you have saved for that one picture or one article. I've also noticed, from the pictures I have glued in mine, that there are particular images that I am attracted to.
I have yet to explore the Flickr toys, but those Moo cards are looking pretty tempting.

ambika said...

I love how the decal/wall art thing has so taken off. I was tempted to get a Space Invaders themed one for the boyfriend's office/game room. These are really pretty and much more artistic than some of the others I've seen (which have probably just suffered from the mass appeal marketing syndrome.) Very cool--thanks for sharing.

grace said...

Hi, Lovely blog!
I love love that kitchen and dinnig room too! Thank you design sponge.

nicole said...

You are right, the bottom middle kitchen is fantastic! I also love the bottom left baby's room :)