Wednesday, March 28, 2007


what's new?

not a whole lot here. just this...
6"x6", on bristol.
bug cutout from an old encyclopedia.
mushrooms drawn in india ink and prisma colors.
raindrops cut from paper.
today is my dad's birthday, we're going out to eat tonight. i think i'm just going to do an appetizer or something small...i hate ordering big meals at restaurants because i can never finish them in one sitting.

nothing too fun to talk about right now. i'm in a creative mood, with nothing to make. i want something for myself, for the house...but everything i want to do involves a material that i don't have at the moment. maybe tomorrow.

for now i'm off to look through some paper scraps.


shelby said...

I love what you have been up to. The mixture of collage and your own ink drawings looks awesome! Can't wait to get my journal. Hoping it might come today!

cruststation said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Your art piece is wonderful, the mix of collage and drawings is always lovely to see.

Shona said...

It's a great piece + big dinners only mean your lunch is taken care of the next day. Well that's the way I always look at it.