Wednesday, May 17, 2006


not as fun as my lantern cards, but it will do! i just posted them in my shop along with some stationery with a mushroom...and holy cow it sold fast! i think it sold about 10 minutes after i edited it! nice!
hmm...whats next in the world of cards? well i dont know. im kind of stuck on that one- there are so many things i want to do, ya know? hmmmmm. i guess you'll just have to wait and see!
sorry about the lack of journals, lately ive been in a card mood. i havent sold many journals lately on etsy. when i was selling them quicker i loved making them, because i knew other people must have liked them if they bought them! but now more people are buying cards so ive been focusing more on them. less time consuming too. whew, i needed a break from those journals for a minute (just a minute though, i promise!) because they take me about 3-5 hours each. too long for right now. but im sure i will get back to binding in about a week or so, i will start to miss it soon!
joe is going to be home in about....40 hours! im so excited- i cant wait!!! when he gets home i think we should go on a picnic and then to the greyhound track. that would be fun! please dont rain, sky!
anyway, ive been on this damn computer for about 3 hours now...tooooo long. thanks for stopping by! i LOVE to see new comments on here, thanks for everyone's kind words!


Harper said...

Hello! I found your page through a friend of mine. I was curious about how you made all of this wonderful stuff. Are they printed? You mentioned the word 'stamp'.. do you make your own stamps? I love it all! I sound a bit ridiculous... but I hope to hear back from you.

Gina said...

love the mushroom, so cute.