Wednesday, May 03, 2006

dots dots dots

my newest creation...

the first image is a scan of the journal because the pictures came out baaadly.

blue dots painted with acrylic paint... colors mixed by me.

only 48 pages, this journal is intended for lists.

for sale in el shopperino

on another note- first blogger was underlining everything i typed. now its double spacing everytime i press "enter"


its retarded. another retarded thing is that i cant use gmail at my parents house because the enter button doesnt work...i mean it doesnt go to the next line like it should and its a real pain in the ass. but whatever, i like my computer better anyway.

1 comment:

nico said...

hi erin hey thanks for all the nice warm messages on me blog about my stolen bike...

i think i had operation papaer cut confused with some one elese site.. but now im sure it you. your journals are lovely!