Monday, May 15, 2006


joe is out of town on a business trip for 6 whole days. im really sad about this, even though everybody says "6 days is nothing" i find myself very empty without him here. its such a strange feeling, being in the apartment alone. im not exactly bored since i never run out of things to do, but its just so lonely without him here. i dont like it. i still have 4 nights and 4 days to go without him. last night was the first night alone, i didnt sleep very well- i kept waking up. didnt help that it was storming, im not a sound sleeper in the least.
at any rate...
i just got home from the craft store. i bought some ink pads and silk flowers for my wedding bouquet. tonight im going to do some crafting, perhaps carve a new stamp, and make chocolate chip banana bread. joe doesnt like bananas so i bought a bunch a week ago just so i could have unripe ones when he was gone so i could make it. i could make it when he was here, but i figured that it would add some excitement to my week without him.
anne in sweden posted some lovely pictures of the newest journal she bought from me- check them out!
okay well im off to craft and wait for joe to call me. then its baking time. then sleep, i hope.

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Ky said...

I hope your dreams are sweet, and that the 6 days flit by in an instant. =)