Monday, April 07, 2008

oh hi there!

Wow, that was a long break, wasn't it?

Well, I ended up getting a new computer after dealing with the douchebag who ripped me off. Ahem.

I was so excited about getting a lap top!

I did a bunch of research and read lots of reviews and decided on a certain one, and bought it a couple days later.

Well. Without bitching too much...I had to call HP already for "technical assistance". That was 2 nights ago. Then yesterday brought an entire new problem, this time with the BIOS. Greeeat!

So I'm trying to ignore the fact that I'm pretty much screwed and moving onto happier thoughts, until I can gather the patience to call HP again. The language barrier makes for a very frustrating phone call. (Still trying to find the good in this situation...something positive. read more about that in a couple of paragraphs.)


Madison is going really well, and already feels like "home". Which I thought happened rather quickly, but it's nice. It was in the 50's and 60's this weekend, it was like a heat wave! We drove around and looked at some neighborhoods for potential house hunting, which still wont be happening for another year, but it's fun to look.

I've been decorating the apartment on the cheap, I'll show you guys what I've done over the next couple of weeks (hopefully). Here's the wall above the couch for now. For more info on the items on the shelf, check out the flickr description.

What else.....Oh! I have a job now. Part time. I had to get something with the economy being the way it is...Etsy has been slow. I have been getting a bunch of consignment orders out and I'm currently working on a wholesale order for a well-known online shop, which is exciting. But back to the job- besides not liking it much, it's going okay. I'm a merchandiser or something. Isn't it terrible that I don't even know what the heck my title is? Anyway, I put up ads and coupon machines for clients at various stores around Madison. Lots of driving. And WAY too many boxes to haul up and down the stairs. BUT Joe and I are on a "positive reinforcement" kick, which is our latest approach to a happier life, so I've been trying to find something good about everything (which is what i was referring to when talking about the computer). The good thing about this job? Even though I have to make all these trips up and down the stairs, I'm getting a bunch of exercise while doing it. Right???

Speaking of exercise, I started working out today. We'll see how long it will last THIS time. I'm not going to tell Joe, but I'm just going to see if he notices in about 2 weeks. He better if he knows what's good for him! Ha. Totally kidding. Kind of.

Well that's all for now, I was just checking in to tell you all that I'm still alive!

Maybe there will be more posts this week, we'll see if my computer brings any more issues. If it behaves, I will try to be back on Wednesday.

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