Saturday, December 03, 2005

updated on february 8th... dammit im getting really pissed! they look sharp and just fine on my computer and then when i put them on here they are really blury. why does it do that!!!??? uuugh. anyway, if you click on one it will bring it up in a new window and be sharper. except for the birdhouse one and the stove top one- those two are still pretty blury.

they are coptic bound and i am getting a table at a handmade market on feb 11 in chicago. the girl who is running it wants to turn it into a monthly event if all goes well. that would be great for the future of smock, paper, scissors!


josh said...


those are sweet. good job. tell joe he did a good job with helping you.

awesome job.

let us know how the fair goes.


Katie said...

those look awesome erin! good job! I'm just now finishing the covers of my xmas cookbooks. I hope they turn out as awesome as yours in the end!