Monday, August 06, 2007

break time

time for a blog break...i should actually take a full blown internet break, but i don't see that happening. so i am banning myself from all blogs over the next week so i can attempt to get a few things done.

here is a sneak peak at a test print i did. the screen was a tad bit under exposed, but i just couldn't wait to try. this was my first pull ever so that's why the ink is kinda shotty. and i did it on a piece of scrap paper, so that's what the yellow is from. but once i re-burn this image for the correct amount of time, things will be good to go.

okay, time to go work on that. talk to you all later :)


cutpaperflowers said...

I like your tree...can't wait to see the results

bugheart said...

know what
you mean...
so much to do
that the blog gets
can't wait to
see more of
what you
are up too....
looking great!

Kelly Lynn Jones said...


blushing apples said...

i get what you mean. I get myself so distracted by blogs I never gt things done ^_^ bloggers are just so inspiring