Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well...the day I have always dreaded has come- my computer died and is in the repair shop.
PLLLEEASE be okay, computer...I have WAY too many photos in my inspiration folders to say goodbye!!!
Darn it.
At least the library has decent internet access!


bugheart said...

so sorry.
i will make
offerings to
the computer
gods for you.
{fingers crossed}

Beth said...

I just found your blog...only to hear that you don't have a computer at the moment...dang !

I also live in Madison and work from home and even though we've been here 2 years, I still dont know that many people.

If we have both survived this winter, I think we can survive anything, right ?

Anyhow...stop by sometime and say "hello" and maybe sometime we can meet.

I haven't found hardly any arty people in Madison at all, but was told there are lots of them....but where ???