Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Stuff

Yesterday and today Joe was out of town on business, which left me without a car for a bit.

I took a 6 mile walk and this beauty was fanning her wings on the sidewalk.
I went to the Farmer's Market in town and got some strawberries.
So for dinner I had strawberries and cheese and a sourdough English muffin with honey.
The cheese was from a different farmer's market last saturday.
The muffin and honey are both local as well, but I didn't get them from the market.

{my small container garden}

Tonight we are going to a Mallard's game for Joe's company picnic.

Usually I would be gung-ho about free beer, but I have been exercising and eating healthy for a bit now and I don't want a few beers to mess up my hard work! I'm sure it will just be Budweiser or Miller products, anyway, so I wont be missing much. BUT on the off chance that they are serving Capital, I will be all over it.

Capital is my new favorite brand when it comes to beer.
The neat thing is that Capital Brewery is less than a mile away from where we live.
You can go there and sit in their beer garden and listen to live music, and then you carry in your own food, which I think is pretty cool in this day in age.

Anyway, keeping this short because I have a few things to do before we head out...if Joe ever gets home from his business trip. He's in Oshkosh and I don't think he has left yet, meaning he'll be over an hour late! I predicted that...he never leaves work when he is supposed to.

Hope everyone is well.


Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I love the farmer's market! I'm glad I happened upon your blog. It's so fresh and pretty! I've added it to my blogroll so I'll be checking back frequently.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

my mother would always advise to save splurging for the good stuff, not crap. she was talking about chocolate, but crap beer can definately apply in this case. it's not worth it at all, good choice.

melroska said...

your flowers are so pretty! and i love the containers. i wish we had enough sun in my apartment to have nice plants.

Beth said...

looks like madison is treating you well !!

the capital brewery is an amazing place and geez! do they ever bring in the people !!!

have you ever seen it when the streets are filled with cars almost all the way to greenway station ?

I haven't been to the farmers market yet this year, but next weekend we'll be down on the square for the artshow !