Friday, December 05, 2008


Erin from Design for Mankind tagged all of her readers.

So here we go!

Name five “unimportant” things that make me happy!:

1. real maple syrup (made in wisconsin, of course!)
2. great beer (yes dad, our beer costs 2-3 times as much as yours but tastes 10 times better!)
3. knee high socks (sock dreams, i will be visiting soon.)
4. good design (can't get enough of this.)
5. IKEA plant pots (they are so cool!)

My brother is visiting right now. Today we are going to go shopping after I pick up my paycheck. I desperately need new jeans! Wish me luck on that venture, I can never find jeans that I like...unless they have a $140 price tag on them, then they seem to fit great! Damn it.

Shona and Sia, tag you're it!

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